Chris Harris Goes Flat Out In The Bugatti Chiron

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The first season of The Grand Tour somewhat disappointingly didn't feature a test drive of the almighty Bugatti Chiron, but thankfully, Top Gear Season 24 will.

While we don't know what episode the test of the Chiron will be included in, a short video posted on Instagram shows Chris Harris fully exploiting the hypercar's breathtaking performance at an airfield in Dubai.

Harris is believed to be one of the very first members of the motoring press to actually drive the Chiron and unsurprisingly, he appears quite staggered by just how fast the Chiron is as he runs it up towards 250km/h (155 mph) before slamming on the brakes.

Although James May's film of the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport included a top speed run, it doesn't appear as though Harris' review of the Chiron will. Nevertheless, his characteristic style is sure to deliver an entertaining review that perfectly complements what has already proven to be a very entertaining series.