Here’s Your First Look At The Next-Gen A6, A7 And A8

In 2014, Audi offered the world a glimpse at its new design language with the stunning Prologue Concept.

Created by Audi design chief Marc Lichte, the Prologue was actually designed and created after styling work had already been completed on the next-generation A6, A7 and A8. Fast forward two and a half years and we now have our first chance to see the designs that influenced the Prologue.

During an interview with French publication L’argus, Lichte displayed the front-end designs of the new A6, A7 and A8 and as we expected, they all look very similar and are clearly reminiscent of the Prologue.

Starting with the new A8, it will fittingly have the largest front grille of the three while closely resembling the look of the existing model – though more menacing and refined. As for the A7, the model pictured doesn’t include a chrome grille like its bigger brother and instead has a black grille that is slightly shorter but just as wide as the Q8’s. Of the three, it looks the most sporty.

Last but not least is the next-generation A6. The top half of its grille is largely the same as the Q8’s, but the lower half is slightly more square and is complemented by the thickest headlights of the trio. In essence, the A6 is a mix between the A8 and A7.

In order to reduce costs, Audi is developing these three new models alongside each other and all will have the same platform, driveline, chassis and electrical systems.

H/T to Motofilm!