Mitsubishi Adds More Tech To Outlander PHEV Juro Model

The UK’s best-selling plug-in hybrid SUV has received a series of revisions courtesy of Mitsubishi.

The updated Outlander PHEV Juro is available to order now, priced from £33,499 after the Plug-in Car Grant. Also, for the 2017 model year, the Juro spec now features better convenience, comfort and safety.

In terms of standard equipment, the car now comes with an Electronic Parking Brake with Brake Auto Hold, EV Priority Mode, Smartphone Link Display Audio and a reversing camera. Other standard features include the 18″ alloys, cruise control, heated front seats, the Mitsubishi PHEV app (which lets you pre-heat the interior), and the dual zone climate control.

The Outlander PHEV Juro also has a new EV switch which engages ‘EV Priority Mode’, allowing the driver to stay in full-electric mode as long as there’s sufficient charge in the batteries. Mitsubishi also added enhanced regenerative braking technology for 2017 and the possibility to charge your Outlander (to 80%), approximately 25 min faster.

As for connectivity, the previously-mentioned Smartphone Link Display Audio system supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, while additional features include Bluetooth for hands-free calls and music streaming, plus notifications regarding PHEV functions.

Like with all Outlander PHEV variants, the Juro comes with a five year, 62,500-mile (100,584 km) warranty and unlike last year, it can now be ordered with a new Cool Silver color.


  • Finkployd

    how did they manage to make the interior even worse ?

    • Bash

      I’m kinda sure they have a special department led by some crazy engineers, their goal and core values revolve around how to f&^% and deliver the worst design and ruin the heritage of their cars, god, I will never forgive them for what did to the eclipse.!!