Toyota Brags About New Auris’ TNGA Platform, Still No Interior Shots

The striking design of the new Auris will be backed by a more rewarding drive, says Toyota.

Waymo Serves Up First Reactions Video To Driverless Pacificas

There’s something eerie in being chauffeured around by an AI with no one sitting behind the wheel.

Electric Car Sales In The UK Drop By A Third Since January 2018

All-electric cars also made up just 0.5% of new car sales last year.

Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe Hybrid Might Arrive In 2020

In addition to a range-topping hybrid model, the Mercedes AMG GT 4-Door Coupe could get a RWD version, as well.

Geneva Motor Show: Fret Not Enthusiasts, Supercars Are Here To Stay

The amount of supercars at Geneva reveals that autonomous cars and EVs won’t be the end for performance vehicles, at least for now.

Mazda Confirms Return Of Rotary In 2019 As An EV Range Extender – With A Twist

Mazda’s definitely bringing back the rotary, but instead of a sports car it could be used on an SUV.

Ferrari To Introduce V8 Hybrid Next Year, Probably For Its First-Ever SUV

Sergio Marchionne broke the news, saying Ferrari drivers won’t miss the V12.

Project One Could Beat Outright Nurburgring Lap Record, Says AMG Boss

Can the Mercedes-AMG Project One beat 6 min 11 sec?.

2018 Audi Q7 E-Tron Proves PHEVs’ Official Consumption Numbers Are A Joke

The PHEV Q7’s fuel consumption is nowhere near official numbers, but its performance certainly is.

Porsche And Audi Co-Developing All-New PPE EV Platform

The all-new platform will be used by Porsche, Audi and Bentley .

Next Mercedes-Benz SL To Be ‘A Real Wow Car’, CEO Says

The new Mercedes SL roadster will be developed alongside the next AMG GT.

McLaren’s Upcoming Hyper-GT Will Exceed 243 Mph (391 Km/h)

The three-seat McLaren Hyper-GT will be faster than the iconic F1.