Honda Unveils Futuristic NM4 Concept For Scarlett Johansson's New Film

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Honda will debut a futuristic motorcycle concept for Scarlett Johansson's upcoming film Ghost In The Shell this weekend.

In the film, Johansson will play the role of Major, who is miraculously saved from a severe crash and then cyber-enhanced to become the perfect solider fighting against criminals.

Throughout, a very special Honda motorcycle concept will star in various scenes. Based around the intriguing NM4 that was introduced in early 2014, the bike should be right at home when being ridden by Johansson.

As images of the bike show, its front end and front fairings are very similar to the road-going NM4 but the mid-section and tail end of the bike are totally bespoke. It includes a very sharp and seemingly very uncomfortable seat, a single-sided swingarm and fully-covered carbon fiber wheels with appropriately fat tires.

The film will be released globally on March 31st and the new Honda NM4 concept will debut at the Osaka Motorcycle Show this weekend.