Red Bull’s Max Verstappen Excited About 2019 Honda Engine Deal

Red Bull will end its 12-year partnership with Renault and begin using Honda engines.

The Top Ten Most American-Made Vehicles Include Four From Honda

Japanese automaker Honda is making America great again.

Watch Inattentive Honda Driver Slowly Pull Off Shoulder In Front Of 70mph Semi Truck

A huge accident, with potentially dire consequences, was averted by the truck driver’s swift reaction.

2019 Honda Insight Priced From $22,830

The new Honda Insight under cuts the Toyota Prius and returns up to 55 mpg city.

Watch Honda Civic Type R Set A Record Around Spa-Francorchamps

No other front-wheel drive production car can match the Honda Civic Type R.

Red Bull Racing’s Switching To Honda Power Starting Next Season

After signing with Toro Rosso this season, Honda will now furnish its F1 engine package to Red Bull Racing for the 2019 and 2020 Formula One World Championships.

Honda Civic Type R Continues Setting Lap Records, This Time At Spa-Francorchamps

The Honda Civic Type R managed to lap the track in 2 minutes and 53.72 seconds.

Watch All Six Generations Of Honda Civic Type R Hit The Track In One Showdown

Leave it to the South Africans to gather every iteration of the Honda Civic Type R on the track.

Honda’s New F1 Engine Looked Strong For Toro Rosso In Canada

Paging Woking: are you sure the Japanese powerplant was to blame for your past poor performance?.

Minibikers Rejoice: Honda’s Bringing The Monkey And Super Cub To The US

Honda’s bringing two of its smallest, hottest-selling motorcycles to America – and they look like an absolute blast.

Man Filmed Repeatedly Ramming His Trailblazer Into A CR-V

In an eventful and drug-filled day, Garcia Alvarez rammed two vehicles before being arrested.

GM And Honda Team Up On Next-Generation Battery For Electric Vehicles

The new battery will have improved packaging, faster charging capabilities and a higher energy density.