Will Lexus Kill The GS Next Year?

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The luxurious Lexus GS may be cancelled after its current generation, according to a new report.

Lexus Enthusiast has discovered that in the January issue of Japanese magazine MAG-X, there is a lengthy report that asserts the GS will be dropped in 2018, the year the next-generation model was initially planned to be launched.

It is asserted that Toyota recently decided to suspend the development of the next-generation GS after determining that it is no longer needed in the firm’s range. The key reason for this is that the new LS will ditch the current vehicle’s V8 and instead adopt a V6, meaning it would overlap with the V6-powered GS the company’s range, despite the GS’ smaller size.

Interestingly, even the current-generation GS wasn’t assured for production with Toyota chief executive Akio Toyoda revealing in a 2011 interview that he didn’t want to see the new GS reach production but was ultimately overruled by regional Lexus management teams.