Chevy FNR-X Finds Its Own New Roads To Shanghai

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Two years ago, at the last Shanghai Auto Show, Chevy revealed a rather radical concept called the FNR. Now it's returned with the FNR-X concept, but this time it's a considerably more realistic proposition.

Looking only a step or two removed from production, the FNR-X could preview a Bowtie-badged rival to the Toyota C-HR – aggressively styled in similar fashion to, say, the Lexus NX, but with grille and light designs to render it unmistakably Chevy.

Described as an "all-purpose sports concepts vehicle," the FNR-X derives its name from the brand's slogan – Find New Roads – with the X telling you it's a crossover. What's particularly intriguing about the FNR-X concept, however, is how it's designed to switch back and forth between driving on the road or off it. The powertrain, suspension, even the aerodynamics are adaptable. So the engine can alternate between Versatility and Sport modes, the suspension can adjust its ride height for the conditions underneath, and an assortment of aerodynamic devices adjust on the fly to manage the airflow.

Power comes from an undisclosed plug-in hybrid setup, with an all-terrain driver assistance system for semi-autonomous operation in whatever conditions. And the interior, accessed by opposite-hinged doors, looks state-of-the-art – what with all its polygon forms and OLED displays – but hardly beyond production feasibility, bathed in ambient lighting and upholstered in technical fabrics. Don't be surprised to see something like this reach showrooms in the near future, then (albeit toned down somewhat for production). Whether those would include American showrooms or just those in China is another question entirely.

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