Corvette ZR1, Camaro ZL1 1LE And Dodge Demon Engage In All-American Sports Car Battle

It’s not the more powerful or the most expensive that wins this comparison test – and here’s why.

Rent A Corvette Z06 And Help Hertz Celebrate Its 100th Anniversary

Skip the usual Cruze or Impala and you can rent this special-edition Corvette Z06 from Hertz airport locations across the United States.

McLaren 720S Gets Spanked By Out Of Control Chevrolet Pickup Truck

The pickup truck couldn’t stop in time, so it swerved left and hit a Toyota, too.

2019 Chevy Malibu RS Goes On Sale In Fall, Costs A Fiver Under $25k

The RS commands a $1,000 premium over the LS and brings some styling tweaks on the outside and in the cabin.

VW Kicks Off Advertising Campaign For … The Chevy Bolt

The brand-neutral campaign also shows the BMW i3, Honda Clarity, Hyundai Ioniq and Nissan Leaf .

Chevy Launches Tahoe And Suburban Premier Plus Models

The Chevrolet Tahoe Premier Plus is priced from $74,100, while the Suburban Premier Plus starts at $76,900.

GM Engineers Took Ford F-150 Factory Tours When Developing The New Chevy Silverado And GMC Sierra

Ford embraced aluminum for the F-150 and GM went to get great lengths to see how they did it.

Gas Mileage For Facelifted 2019 Camaro V6, SS Inexplicably Worse Than 2018MYs

There’s no seemingly logical explanation for this..

GM Expected To Lose Its $7,500 EV Federal Tax Credit In Early 2019

GM’s electrified vehicles will soon cost a little more.

2019 Chevrolet Silverado Offers A Trailer Theft Alert System

The trailer theft alert system can contact owners when their trailer is disconnected from the Silverado.

This 1961 Chevrolet Impala Restromod Isn’t Your Typical Wagon

The customized Impala could sell for as much as $275,000.

Buyers Hold Onto The Chevrolet Corvette And Ford Expedition The Longest

The average new car buyer holds onto their vehicle for about 7.4 years.