Infiniti QX80 Monograph Previews Firm's Overhauled Large SUV

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Prior to the New York Auto Show opening its doors on Wednesday, Infiniti has unveiled the bold QX80 Monograph, a new design study previewing the company’s next large SUV.

Infiniti says the QX80 Monograph represents the first time the firm’s current design language has been applied to a vehicle of this size by mixing “geometric and organic shapes” onto the QX80’s five-meter-long skin. Also measuring over two meters high and two meters wide, the new QX80 previewed looks much more purposeful and far-less bloated than the outgoing model.

The dramatic styling changes start at the front fascia where the QX80 Monograph is adorned with a re-shaped grille and LED headlights and a hood which mercifully, ditches the strange drop-off and bludge of the existing QX80 that make it look like a beluga whale on wheels.

Elsewhere, Infiniti has designed the QX80 Monograph with doors that when open, reveal brushed aluminum still steps. There’s also vents behind the front wheels which the automaker says can reduce drag by funnelling out turbulent air from the wheel arches. Huge 24-inch, chromium black wheels with brushed copper accents are also present.

Speaking about the design, senior vice president of global design at Infiniti, Alfonso Albaisa said “The QX80 Monograph provides the opportunity to reimagine INFINITI’s signature design DNA on a totally different scale. We sculpted our body pure, straight and horizontal, the muscularity both brute and sensual; part Rodin’s Thinker, part Michelangelo. INFINITI ‘carrozzeria’ used svelte satin copper skin, set off by an ultra-powerful double arch grille with abstract structural mesh, distinctive and focused human eye signature headlamp, and iconic fender vent. Our designers continue to impress by finding new avenues for INFINITI artistry.”

Beyond the QX80 concept in question adopting a unique design, Infiniti says it is also using it as a step forward in the large SUV segment. It claims that it serves as a “private jet for the road” and should prove particularly popular in North America and the Middle East.

The next QX80 will arrive in 2018.

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