2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Is The World’s Fastest 0-60mph Production Car

Well, after one of the most drawn-out premiere’s in recent memory, the covers have officially been taken off the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon at the New York Auto Show.

Based around the Challenger SRT Hellcat, the Demon has undergone a comprehensive suite of modifications and Dodge claims that it is the world’s quickest accelerating production car and the fastest quarter-mile production car on the market.

Power from the company’s 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine has been bumped from 707 hp in Hellcat-spec to 840 hp for the Demon. This power boost has been achieved with the installation of a larger, 2.7-liter supercharger, boost pressure rising from 14.5 psi to 11.6 psi, new pistons, rods and valve train being installed and the implementation of two dual-stage fuel pumps. Further engine upgrades include lifting the rev limit from 6,200 rpm to 6,500 rpm, strengthening the connecting rods and incorporating three sources of intake air (the hood, driver-side headlamp and an inlet near the wheel liner).

What this amounts to is truly phenomenal straight-line performance. Zero to 60 mph (96 km/h) passes in just 2.3 seconds, the quarter-mile can be achieved in 9.65 seconds at 140 mph (225 km/h) and the Demon holds the Guinness World Record for first-ever front-wheel lift in a production car. What’s more, the Demon’s 1.8 g of acceleration is the highest of any production car. Things don’t stop here.

The Challenger SRT Demon is the first street-legal production car that can run 100+ unleaded high-octane fuel to offer maximum performance. Typically, the Demon leaves the factory tuned for 91-octane fuel but the so-called ‘Demon Crate’ includes a new powertrain control module that unleashes the full 840 hp. Like the Hellcat, the Demon includes two key fobs, one which limits power to 500 hp and a second, finished in red, that unleashes 808 hp on regular pump gas and then 840 hp when combined with the control module.

Working alongside the beefed-up engine is an updated TorqueFlite 8HP90 eight-speed automatic transmission. It includes an upgraded torque converter that delivers an 18 per cent increase in torque multiplication that works in conjunction with TransBrake. This system locks the transmission output shaft to hold the Demon in place before a standing start, allowing the engine speed to be increased to 2,350 rpm for the perfect launch. Thanks to the street-legal Nitto drag radials as well, launch force is up by 40 per cent over the Hellcat.

As we already knew, the Demon is more than 200 pounds lighter than the Hellcat. These weight savings have been achieved by removing the front passenger seat, rear seat, 16 speakers, the use of hollow sway bars, lightweight aluminium brake calipers and the removal of a host of wiring. For customers that want the passenger seat and rear seats included, both can be optioned back for $1 each.

Speaking about the car, Dodge’s Tim Kuniskis said “With Demon, our goal was to build a car that would tattoo the Dodge logo into the subconscious of the general market, beyond even our loyal enthusiasts. To do so, we had to set records that have never been set before, do more than has ever been done before, go beyond even the legendary Hellcat. The result: an 840-horsepower, 9-second muscle car unlike anything that has ever come before it.”

Production of the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will commence this summer with just 3,000 units destined for the United States and 300 heading to Canada. Pricing has yet to be announced.


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  • Karl

    I’m still searching for words to say!

    • Six_Tymes

      when you find them, they should be good, because this deserves it.

    • Bo Hanan

      Took words out of my mouth. You want to be excited but you’re hesitant. And you don’t know why.

      • S3XY

        Nothing exciting about an unsafe drag car that won’t do consecutive 2.3’s while burning a ton of gas in 2017. There is absolutely nothing impressive about that. So there you go. I said it for you clogged minded gear heads.

        • diehard

          What are you trying to say? LOL

  • Six Thousand Times

    I can’t hate the horsepower but I can hate everything else about this hideous car. And all they really did was fit a bigger supercharger.

    • Zandit75

      Instead of skimming over every other paragraph, go back and read the story more carefully.

      • Eythan Aldrich

        he got rekt XD

      • Six Thousand Times

        I read the entire thing. Are you trying to suggest this trailer park fantasy wagon is something of an engineering feat? Look, nothing wrong with basic hot rodding but now that Teslas can humiliate monster V-8s at the dragstrip, this really isn’t a thing anymore.

        • Zandit75

          No, I’m suggesting your comment about only installing a larger supercharger was poorly worded.
          Don’t bring in the Tesla to this argument, it could possibly beat this once. It can’t continually replicate the results back to back. It hasn’t got the juice.

          • Bo Hanan

            Noting Tesla’s performance is completely appropriate here. Dodge made their car about drag racing and Tesla redefined what a dragster is.
            And the most interesting part is that Tesla kicks everybody’s ass without any of the extras that Dodge needed to produce the Demon. It kind of seems like Dodge went to the trouble for nothing.
            P.S. it only has to beat it once.

          • Six Thousand Times

            OK so they also beefed up the innards to accommodate a bigger blower.

            And given the fact that this car really only does the one thing and can be trounced by electric cars, I’m just not impressed. Plus, it looks even more stupid than the base model.

          • Bob White

            The 2.5 ton+ Tesla is also a 1 trick pony.

          • Six Thousand Times

            I don’t remember the Tesla being announced as some sort of drag special…sounds like you’re reaching.

          • Bob White

            Not at all. Everything about the S is focused on the 0-60 spec. Musk personally releases improvement in 0-60 and there are countless videos to be found at the drag strip. Why no videos on the road course? Maybe because it would handle like an F-150? On a test drive or when a new owner shows off his car, it’s all about straight line acceleration. not reaching at all.

          • Six Thousand Times

            Wow. So the S came out and it seats 5 +2 with the extra tail gunner row. Is the first production electric car to go 300 miles on a charge (which apparently it actually does and I was a skeptic) Has this front trunk thing and becomes the darling of rich hipsters everywhere – and, oh yeah, is fast as hell with two motors. and that’s a one-trick pony?

            And you probably don’t want to talk handling with that ponderous Dodge.

          • metric

            Neither could the Demon, its called heat soak.

          • Bob White

            Read the specs, it has a supercooler that runs from the A/C. It will be the coolest car at the track.

    • diehard

      You obviously are not fully aware of what the many improvements were to accomplish these results.
      Here’s a hint…it takes more then that HP to accomplish 60′ in 1.364 seconds. Nuff said!

      • Six Thousand Times

        Yeah, with all that detail, I’m totally turned around. 60 feet in a little less than a second and a half? Amazing!

  • Craig

    It certainly gives ‘Dodge’ bragging rights. And maybe that’s the whole point.


  • Jason Miller

    In what conditions exactly? On the street or on the strip where it gets help from a sticky rubberized surface?

    • Rick Alexander

      Isn’t the strip where the Demon was built to dominate? Who in their right mind, would do top speed testing on a street?

  • kachuks

    2.3 seconds. That is ungodly fast. Oh wait, demon.

    • S3XY

      I’d like to see it hit 2.3 seconds every single time with zero wheel spin or any engine parts being blown. Then i’ll admit that it’s impressive.

      • Armand Fight

        The enormity of your stupidity can’t be measured with current technology.

      • john1168

        This may very well be one of the most ignorant comments I’ve read in a while…

  • Honda NSX-R

    Those specs are impressive.

  • eb110americana

    As a shocked (and shot) Leonardo DiCaprio exclaimed in The Quick and the Dead, “That was fast.”

  • Kevin Tay

    Whoa, that’s so fast! Oh wait, it’s a drag car. Ok, move along…

    • Eythan Aldrich

      you mean street-legal drag car….

      • Six Thousand Times

        Which will get crushed by the likes of Tesla. And I am no Tesla fan. This POS is meaningless.

        • Rick Alexander

          It’s only meaningless if your not a car guy. Why do people keep comparing this to the Tesla? I like the Tesla, but it has no soul. There’s more to speed than just a stopwatch. How about the sound it makes getting there (Tesla doesn’t make one)? Or, what the car looks like. The Demon looks waaay more aggressive and purpose built (the Tesla looks fine, but boring). As far as Tesla crushing the Demon, get your facts straight. The Demon will do the 1/4 mile in 9.65. The Tesla P100D can only manage 10.72 seconds. The Demon does 0-60 in 2.3 seconds. The Tesla will run 2.4 seconds to 60. Not sure where your getting your facts from.

          • Six Thousand Times

            While I’m not a big Tesla fan, the Tesla can beat this ugly pig at the only thing it purports to be good at. (Wait for the inevitable YouTube videos rather than accept the manufacturer’s claims of performance numbers.) The Challenger (in any guise) just isn’t the thinking car guy’s car. If some shop somewhere built the Demon and managed to get it featured in Popular Hot Rodding, fair enough but in a world containing the Camaro 1LE, the Nissan GT-R, or the Shelby GT350R, it’s just pathetic. Mostly all it is, is a much bigger supercharger on the same cast-iron block in the same craptastic platform we’ve seen since 2009. So, yes, meaningless to this car guy.

      • Kevin Tay

        street legal or not, it’s a drag car, i.e. it’s only good in a straight line.

  • Big Black Duck

    They actually delivered on the hype….not many car companies can ever say that!!…this will be legendary..

    • S3XY

      How? It’s still all hype until people start getting the car and racing it.

  • Astonman

    I’m wondering how it could achieve that time without it’s main weight on the rear tires like the Porsche or without an all wheel system like the Bugatti. Those have to be some real sticky tires not allowing any spin for immediate traction.

  • LJ

    I don’t know why, but for some reason I just don’t care.

    • Bob

      Good on ya.

  • Stephen Baxter

    Bonkers, good on Dodge 🙂
    Also the front tires are not oem when they launch in the videos. Does the box come with skinny front tires?

    • Denzel

      Yep if you buy the demon create you get the skinny drag tires

  • Denzel

    Dodge is drag king, Chevy going for track king, as for the mustang idk I think it’s time for them to steal parts from the GT and keep the flat plane crank and see where it goes from there.

    • Tumbi Mtika

      Ford wants to be motorsport king.

  • ediotsavant

    Someone should tell Dodge about the Bugatti Chiron.

    • Rick Alexander

      Why? The Chiron costs more than 30 times more than a demon. The Chiron’s performance (with the exception of handling) does not surpass the Demon’s. So what exactly is your point? I could have a Demon, buy a Nissan GTR Nismo, Porsche 918, and a McLaren P1, and still have cash left to play with.

      • ediotsavant

        The point is that the Chiron is faster when Dodge made those claims of fastest. Cost is irrelevant

        • Rick Alexander

          Cost is always relevant. Your comparing stats of a car that’s 30x more expensive. I could buy a used GTR, throw 50,000 large at it, and your Chiron is toast. I still don’t see your point, or the point of one car being faster than another. The Chiron doesn’t have a listed official 1/4 time that I know of yet. If so, please correct me. Both cars perform the 0-60 sprint in 2.3 seconds. The Dodge is a completely different product, for a completely different audience. The point of the Dodge, is to show what can be accomplished by a domestic automaker, that creates a product, which is accessible to most hardworking folk. Most people will never even see a Chiron in person, let alone own one (Yes I’ve seen it, and yes it’s the shit!). Bugatti could care less about Dodge, and I’m sure with Dodge, the feeling is mutual.

    • gadgety

      Rather the other way around, so that Bugatti’s engineers get their act together.

  • Kagan

    A car should first of all be about cornering then drag.

    • Bob

      Unless you want it to be a drag racer.

      • Kagan

        You are free to want what you want but for me cornering is the thing.

        • Bob

          Much better answer. 🙂

          • Kagan

            Better than what? It was the first answer!

          • Bob

            Your first answer was presented as fact; like that’s how cars should be built. Your reply clarified that it’s your own preference.

          • Kagan

            Yes so it was not an answer! Still a car should be for cornering first then other skills. Everyone can drie in a strait line because the car do it by it self but it doesn’t turn.

          • Bob

            So in the world of Kagan, S-Classes, Smart cars, MPVs et alia should be about handling over and above everything else? You do know that there tends to be tradeoffs when handling is pursued as the primary goal in the design of a car right? Like, I don’t know, comfort?

          • Kagan

            Ofcourse there will be compromises beween different charecters of a car but a fast car should have cornering it is not sophisticated to just put a big engine and or squeeze it.

      • Six Thousand Times

        Then you’d need a Tesla.

        • Bob

          Or a 918 or Rimac Concept One or Bugatti Chiron or a Dodge Challenger Demon.

          • Six Thousand Times

            Any except one of those.

  • Bob

    I like how unashamedly American this is. It’s imbued with that devil-may-care attitude that the rest of us so associate with the US.

  • S3XY

    I want to see it do 2.3 second 0-60’s consecutively without anything being blown. Then I’ll admit that it’s impressive.

    • john1168

      I love how you liked your own stupid comment…

  • JorgeDeeeeeaz

    The Porsche 911 Turbo S does around 2.7s 0-62 all day long. I have my doubts that the Demon is actually able to outperform the Porsche on a regular basis…..

  • TheHake

    Yeah baby. This is the shizz. F**k those Prius’s!

  • Vassilis

    Not my kind of car but seriously impressive!

  • TimeShade

    What’s the top speed?

    • john1168

      Probably depends on the gearing but with that kind of horsepower, I’d guess 205+

  • john1168

    MURICA F#@& YEAH!!! LOL WOW!!! I hate Dodge but I want this!

  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    Yeah but what’s the mpg like?

    • diehard

      Who cares?

      • Obsequious Lickspittle

        LOOK! Can you see that? No? Well, it’s the point that you missed.

  • Tumbi Mtika


    Oh wait, the Tesla’s more practical…

    And possibly faster…

    • Belthronding Tinuviel

      and absolutely uglier,heavier and might be more expensive.

  • S3XY

    Haha not even out yet and it’s already banned by the Hot Rod Association for it’s lack of safety.

    And the Tesla Model S P100D is quicker stripped down. 0-60 in 2.1 seconds

    Regardless this car will not do 2.3 60’s consecutively so the P100D will out accelerate it most of the time. USING NO GAS by the way. That’s a very big difference. And the most impressive thing.

    • Tumbi Mtika

      You are currently being the reserve BqWsRe. Please stop.

      • john1168

        He likes his own comments too. Just like bqwsre…

        • Tumbi Mtika

          I know, it’s so sad.

    • Mike Gonzalez

      and let’s not forget the P100D is a full sedan with 5+2 seats, weights a lot more and is not a stripped down version of a real production car with 1 seat, special drag tires, high-octane mode and many other gimmicks

  • metric

    While what FCA has accomplished with the Demon is quite impressive, I’d be cautious using the term “production”. Since obtaining those figures require the installation on the “Demon crate” and won’t run the stated numbers off the showroom floor.
    The crate includes.

    Front Runner Drag Wheels

    High-Octane Engine Calibration

    Passenger Mirror Block-Off Plate

    Performance Air Filter**

    Trunk Foam Case**

    Fender Cover**

    Personalized IP Badge**

    Shipping Crate

    Torque Wrench with Extension and Socket**

    Cordless Impact Wrench with Charger**

    Hydraulic Floor Jack with Carrying Bag**

    Tire Pressure Gauge**

    Tool Bag**

    • Six Thousand Times

      I think you also get a VHS copy of “Joe Dirt” and a pig for sexin.’

      • metric

        Forgot that one.

  • U8INIT

    Now this is how you make America great again. Bravo

  • Ed

    The sound this car makes is sensational, I am sure. But in this age of seeking a lower carbon footprint transportation, I wish FCA would do its part. So far, their only real contribution is the somewhat hopeless Fiat 500e, a true compliance car. The FCA CEO even goes to the silly bother of saying how much he hates that car.

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