So He Was Serious... Musk Takes Delivery Of Tunnel Boring Machine And Starts Digging

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Despite some skepticism, it has turned out that Elon Musk was indeed serious about forming a tunnel company and recently took delivery of a huge boring machine.

The Tesla founder first made headlines in December after randomly publishing a number of tweets claiming he was going to start a tunnel boring company. Evidently, he wasn’t just joking around and has even named his latest venture ‘The Boring Company’.

Business Insider reports that Musk began to dig a small tunnel in the SpaceX parking lot in February to accommodate cars and eventually serve as the basis for an underground transportation network. Although the outspoken chief executive is free to create tunnels on SpaceX grounds, he will need permits from the city of Los Angeles if he is serious about solving traffic issues with tunnels.

It is thought that Musk intends on eventually building a complete underground network that could include as many as 30 levels of tunnels for cars and the Hyperloop.

Clearly, Musk is having fun with his latest venture and in a February interview with Bloomberg, said he was considering a number of other names for the company.

“My other idea was to call it Tunnels R Us and to essentially troll Toys “R” Us into filing a lawsuit. Now we’ve decided to troll AT&T instead! We’re going to call it American Tubes and Tunnels,” he jokingly said.