Next-Gen Lexus ES To Replace Outgoing GS?

According to a new report, the current Lexus GS could effectively be replaced by a new-generation ES set to arrive next year.

Russian publication Auto Review claims that Lexus executives have decided to ditch the GS and update the ES to serve as its sole mid-size, premium sedan. The next ES will continue to be based around the cheaper front-wheel drive architecture of the Camry. By comparison, the GS has rear-wheel drive underpinnings.

Although no official sources have confirmed or deny the reports, they do have some logic considering the similarities in size between the current GS and ES, making it plausible for the two to be brought together for a single new model. However, it is possible that Lexus may only be considering merging the ES and GS into one model in Russia while retaining the two models elsewhere.

In mid-March, Japanese reports insinuated that the current GS will be ditched as the new LS may step on its heels.


  • MultiKdizzle

    A step back in time.

  • no25

    What a dumb move. Turn the ES to a CLS, 6 Series Gran Coupe, and A7 competitor and improve the outdated GS.

    • Kash

      Based on the sales numbers, the GS competes with the CLS and 6GC more than it does the 5 and E where the ES is selling just as many if not more than the 5 and E, not to say it’s aimed at them, but the GS nameplate is not the breadwinner and I wouldn’t mess with the ES and its body style. Turn the GS in the 4-door coupe and let the ES take its place as the midsize with an AWD option, the hybrid, turbo4, and V6 options and F-sport pack. Appeal to the people buying the GS for those things. The GS really has nothing to lose except 15k/year units in America where the ES is selling 50-60k units in the same time.

    • vantageman1

      Turn a camry based car into a competitor for a CLS and 6 series…..not even sure how that would even make sense or even be possible those cars are really priced in the same range as the LS why would you think it makes sense at all to move a car that for over a decade has been priced as an entry level luxury sedan to move it into a price point that their flagship sits in and in a new market segment for the company that would require a new model range which would just add to the issue theyre trying to get rid of…..pretty silly. Lexus could move the ES upmarket like Cadillac with the CTS make it FWD and AWD like the A6. They really don’t need 2 cars that are the same size, and the ES is the better seller.

  • donald seymour

    I call bs.

    • Jay

      I mean it does make sense kind of.. Cars that were small are getting huge nowfor example the vw golf and jetta, honda civic, corolla, etc, have all grown in size catching up to their bigger siblings adding a few more inches to the ES would bring it to the size of the GS. I don’t like the idea but it could happen..

      • Six_Tymes

        yep. spot on.

        they don’t need both, especially since almost are car manufactures have to keep up with many price point suv/cuv’s

      • Yahya

        Except that the current gen ES is actually a little bigger then the GS. The current gen ES is actually identical to the Toyota Avalon now which is a bigger car.

        • Jay

          Isnt that even more reason to get rid of it lol the GS was always the bigger car before..

    • Kash

      Looking at it from strictly numbers the ES is the safer bet, it’s selling 3-4x (YTD is 5.5x) more than the GS, the customer base for the ES is stronger and more reliable. Now Toyota and Lexus aren’t ones to just abandon a nameplate, they’re willing to invest the money into trying to rebrand a nameplate and make it a great seller and utilize the existing customer base for that name instead of trying to build a new one for a car that is the successor in everything but name. The question is: Has Lexus has already done that with the GS? Was the current one that attempt and if it was, did it do what Lexus wanted of it?

  • Mark S

    So, replaced by a fancy Camry? Hang it up Lexus!

  • Bash

    the GS is fantastic, the ES is cool as well, but i never liked the fact that its front wheel drive!

    • Infinite1

      I agree, and it’s the only one that’s FWD in the lineup

      • Darius Davis

        NX? RX? Out of Lexus’s 4 best selling vehicles 3 are FWD.

  • john1168

    I could see the ES being fwd and the future GS being AWD on a FWD platform. I have a feeling that people who buy the current GS, don’t care if it’s fwd or rwd.

    • left of liberal

      wrong. AWD is the selling point for GS

      • Nordschleife

        But didn’t john just say that. He said he could see the GS being AWD on a FWD platform so I think he is aware that the GS would be best sold as an AWD platform. I agree with you john, I really don’t see GS drivers being as concerned about RWD vs FWD.

    • jc914

      ” people who buy the current GS, don’t care if it’s fwd or rwd.” WTF?

  • notthistimecobber

    Why does Lexus bother anymore? Americans are the only major market that buys them in good numbers and even that is in decline now. Just badge as Toyota’s and done with it.

  • Craig

    I’m a big fan of the ES. It’s the Lexus SEDAN that I would buy. But of all Lexus models I’d probably buy an RX. Then again… if I came into some money [rich uncle – where are you] I’d get an LC500.

    • Nordschleife

      Agreed if I hit the lottery the LC500 would be in my driveway as well.

  • Miknik

    I do see a slight of an image problem, if a new ES will supposedly be based on the TNGA architecture, so basically share it’s bones not only with a Camry, but also cars like a Prius, Corolla or the Juke competing C-HR: In a time where Hyundai and Kia can afford a proper RWD architecture for the Kia Stinger and upcoming small Genesis, Lexus shouldn’t cheap out, especially when they have a new scalable RWD architecture with the new LC/LS.

    Yes, the current GS sells in low numbers, but the reasons are IMO to few engine options, and also, outside the US, comparably high entry prices thanks to the lack of small engines and already loaded base models. Also, it lacks interior space for a sedan and doesn’t look flamboyant enough to go against A7 and CLS.

  • Remove the GS then move the ES to a RWD platform.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Doesn’t the current ES share its platform with the Avalon?

  • Infinite1

    If the GS had more engine options like they’re rivals, they wouldn’t of run into issues like low sales. The ES is a more popular car; however, it’s also the entry level car with the only FWD drive platform. I hope Lexus turned the ES to a RWD with AWD options if they’re going to replace the GS with it.

    • left of liberal

      GS F is a v8. GS 2.0T and standard v6. more options??

      • Infinite1

        The BMW 5 series have 6 engine variants ranging from four cylinders to a V8 along with two diesels. You have a V6 or the V8 for engine choice in the GS, that’s it. Audi and Mercedes have more than two engines as well.

        • Nordschleife

          And you have the 2.0T 4 cylinder. So they have all major engine ranges covered save for the diesels which run in low number in America anyway.

  • Research Janitor

    Is the Audi A6 a front wheel based car?

    • Darius Davis

      The A6 along with the A4, A7 and A8 are AWD optimized platforms based on a Longitudinal engine design. They use a very similar transmission with BMW and every company that uses the ZF 8-speed auto.

      • Research Janitor

        But, I can select this on the build?

        Seven-speed S tronic® dual-clutch automatic transmission front-wheel drive.

        • Raf

          Yes Audi’s platform is front-wheel drive biased, but if you select a model with Quattro its AWD is always on and distributes power mainly to rear wheels, while also powering the front as well.

  • KSegg

    LOL. An ES replacing a GS. That’s the funniest shit I’ve read all morning.

    How about, you know………………making a far better GS? Now there’s an idea for you Toyota….

  • Felipe Politano

    It hurts to see a RWD sedan go, but it’d be a wise business decision. The GS sells in very low numbers and making it truly competitive with the germans would cost a lot of development money. Besides, not many of its already few customers do care which wheels are driving it, so why bother… It makes sense for Lexus to put the development money of TWO models into refining and finessing the ES into an Audi A6-like FWD/AWD executive sedan and leaving the exciting sports sedan cred to the smaller IS and the luxury tourer aura to the bigger LS.

  • getoffme

    Rumors are rumors, especially from Russia.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Shame on you, TOYOTA.

  • Pesobill

    The Lexus GS is so much nicer and faster as well . Love the idea of RWD and to me it looks much better ..Hope Lexus keeps the GS .

  • SteersUright

    You know, I just gave back a 2015 GS350 on a lease return. Im seriously trying to love and support Lexus as having owned (leased) many luxury marques, I find Lexus far and away offers quality and reliability that NOBODY and I mean, NOBODY has come close to matching outside of maybe a distant second for Honda/Acura (not much experience, going off friend’s comments). The GS350 with the rear-steering handled amazing for such a big car and I loved it in many ways. But it was a true let down as far as power and the lazy 8-speed auto. As a result, I find there isnt a single sporting Lexus to capture any true auto enthusiast’s interest.
    LFC? Too expensive, too large, too heavy, and when I saw it in person, too gaudy and not to my taste.
    The ISF coupe? C’mon… Ugly, heavy, automatic, huge on outside, tiny on inside…I can go on…
    The GSF? Probably the closest thing to a family man’s enthusiast machine but again, the lazy 8-speed slush box and ridiculous price tag are deal-breakers.
    The LFA was the only truly amazing sports machine to come from this brand but its price tag was beyond ridiculous.
    Now this news? You take you’re only real sporty sedan (sorry the IS350 is too economy class/cheap-feeling for me) and drop it for replacement of your geriatric special? The ES is an exceptional value among comfortable, reliable, affordable front drive entry-level luxury cars. Sporty it is not and has no need to be.
    Lexus, Im moving on to other brands. Sorry. You offer nothing in the way of an interesting, sporting, enthusiast machine at a good price. That and holy cow, the new LS is just so ugly. In excusable for a flagship sedan. Please surprise us with a Lexus version of the Supra using the NA V8, not BMW’s crap turbo motors!! Then I might just run right back to Lexus!!

  • klowik

    it’s a good move. If you make ES a bit more sporty, then it’s a GS. Or Lexus can have a 4 door, 4-seat coupe version of ES, just like the Audi A7.

  • Armando Gonzalez

    Bad move. Highly like Lexus would after the gsF. I would never buy an ES. GS looks more sporty/luxurious.

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