First Close Look On The 2018 Corvette ZR1’s Active Aero Kit?

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It looks like GM is willing to go the extra mile as far as the 2018 Corvette ZR1 is concerned, with the latest spy shots casting more light on the aerodynamics of the new flagship Corvette.

So far we’ve spied on several occasions GM testing the upcoming Corvette ZR1 with two different rear wings, with rumors talking about an advanced active aero agenda finding its way into the C7’s swansong version.

These images, courtesy of Corvetteblogger, show the rear end of a prototype ZR1 fitted with the smaller wing, revealing that the wing’s struts are actually mounted through openings on the rear bodywork.

If this is the real deal indeed, this could only mean that this ZR1 prototype is fitted with the rumored adaptive aero agenda, with the wing’s struts being connected to an adjustable element, responsible for the angle -or even height- of the rear spoiler, increasing downforce on demand.

Previously spotted prototypes of the 2018 Corvette ZR1 with the larger wing appear to have fixed mountings instead, leading us to believe that GM is going to offer two different aero packages.

According to the patents that were leaked back in March, GM is readying an active aero agenda, with adjustable elements everywhere, including the rear spoiler, rear diffuser, shutter, front splitter and air dam, with sensors even adjusting the vehicle’s height and rake.

Saying goodbye is never easy and apparently GM wants a proper send off for the last front-engined Corvette.