It's Come To This: Mulliner Adds Falconry Accessories For Bentley Bentayga

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Hand-crafted by Mulliner, this new accessory is aimed at falconry enthusiasts who also happen to own a Bentley Bentayga.

The Bentayga Falconry by Mulliner features two individual natural cork fabric trimmed units, specifically a master flight station and a refreshment case. Mulliner even positioned them on a movable tray that allows for easy access.

Inside the master flight unit there's a Piano Black veneered drawer (with a saker falcon crest), where you can fit all the equipment necessary for this unique sport.

If you're curious what falconry equipment consists of, it's stuff like a GPS bird tracking unit, binoculars, bird hoods and gauntlets, all of which are available as options courtesy of Mulliner.

The interior of this bespoke Bentayga even features a removable transportation perch and tether on the central armrest, plus what Bentley calls "an exquisite example of Mulliner's skill with marquetry", as shown by the sweeping desert scene featuring a soaring saker falcon. This was created using 430 individual pieces of wood and took nine days to finish by hand.

"The Bentayga Falconry showcases what’s possible with our skilled craftspeople. They can devise elegant and exquisitely executed bespoke solutions to compliment any lifestyle or hobby," says Mulliner exec, Geoff Dowding. "Falconry is regarded as the sport of kings in the Middle East, so it was vital that the kit we created was as luxurious as it was practical and durable to appeal to our valued customers there and around the world."

By the way, that falcon featured in this photo shoot is a Majestic Saker Falcon, which is said to be one of the most sought-after and valuable birds in the world - some examples can fetch as much as $1 million.