Porsche 911 Meets Jeep Wrangler As Crazy Rat Rod

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In February, we were left dumbfounded when we stumbled upon a Porsche 911 rat rod in Monaco and despite our hopes we'd never have to see another one, we've found an even more horrible or cool - depending on your point of view. .

It's not known if a tuning company is behind the project or if it is a simple and particularly wild backyard creation but the finished product is truly wild.

The front is made up of the grille and headlights of a Jeep Wrangler and directly behind is a stonking great engine, inevitably a V8. The cabin then appears to be made up of a 1990's 911 while the front and rear wheels shoot out from beneath the bodywork like an open-wheeled race car.

Rocking up to a local car event in this thing would certainly cause a scene, but driving it on a regular basis would surely be a living hell.