White Pearl Singer GTR Costs More Than Two New 911 GTS Models

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This second-generation body kit from TopCar features new panels specifically designed to make your 911 Turbo or Turbo S look more like the GT3 RS.

TopCar will also facilitate further upgrades, such as new wheels as well as better brakes and a louder exhaust. Although, if more power is what you crave, know that the Russian tuner can boost the 911 Turbo all the way to 750 horsepower.

Dressed in a mixture of White Pearl and carbon fiber, this particular Stinger GTR is said to cost 14.400.000 rubles, roughly a little over $250,000.

That is without a doubt an enormous sum of money for what is basically a roided out 911 Turbo with pseudo-GT3 RS aesthetics. To put things into perspective, you can buy a brand new 911 Turbo for a little under $162,000 in the U.S.

Of course, we can also understand those who genuinely want to spend these types of sums towards making their 911 Turbos look and drive as aggressively as possible.