Tesla Model Y Will Have Just 328 Feet Of Wiring, Says Musk

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Bold claims is nothing new when it comes to Tesla but Elon Musk keeps surprising people with his promises.

According to Tesla’s CEO, the Model 3 represents an enormous leap forward in architectural efficiency as it requires about half the electrical wiring used in its older big brother, the Model S.

Musk said that the Model 3 has just 5,000 feet of wiring, compared to the around 10,000 feet of wiring used in the Model S but he didn’t stop there, according to AutoNews.

He said that Tesla’s next model -the Model Y small crossover- will require just 328 feet of wiring in its construction. That huge reduction in wiring will be made possible thanks to new electrical systems that use different voltage and power transmission hardware.

The arrival of the Tesla Model Y will signify the company’s new approach to electrical distribution according to Musk, who didn’t get into details of how this will happen.

In fact, Tesla hasn’t revealed all that much about the upcoming Model Y, which is expected to arrive in the market in 2019 or 2020. With wiring harnesses being one of the key issues that affect how long it takes to produce a car, Tesla’s plan to simplify electrical wiring might do the trick for them.