The Ever-Gorgeous Citroen SM Gets The One Take Treatment

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Vintage Citroens don’t come more special than the legendary SM, a four-seater coupe that rides on the buttery-smooth hydropneumatic suspension and is powered by a Maserati V6. Weird combo but nevertheless special.

This French GT is littered with innovative for the era features, including self-leveling headlights that turned with the steering, variable assist steering system and a very low drag coefficient of 0.26.

The steering has just 2 turns from lock to lock and requires some level of familiarity before you start pushing the car as it can turn with minimal steering inputs in sharp bends.

Combine all of the above with an effortless road character and the soundtrack of the Maserati V6 and you realize why the Citroen SM is considered one of the all-time great GTs. It might not have the design to win universal praise but no one can call it ugly.

Watch Matt Farah review of the Citroen SM in his latest One Take below.