Audi Q8 Drops The Camo For Testing In Moscow

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Audi continues to put the upcoming Q8 through its paces and shortly after a prototype was spied in the U.S, Carscoops reader Willzyx has snapped an image of the SUV testing in Moscow, Russia.

What’s intriguing about this prototype is that it is wearing none of the traditional white and black camoflage we’ve seen adorning other Q8s and appears to have almost all of its production bodywork in full view. The only exceptions include tape over the Audi badge, parts of the grille and the side air intakes.

As we long suspected, the design of the road-going Q8 is remarkably similar to the concept from earlier this year. The headlights retain the same shape, the air intakes bear a close resemblance to the concept and the overall proportions of the vehicle are almost like-for-like.

While our reader wasn’t able to snap pictures of the prototype’s rear, previous images suggest it too will be heavily inspired by the concept but as you’d expect, will have some slightly more restrained components, such as the taillights.

When the Audi Q8 lands in showrooms, it will be available with a plethora of engines from the VW Group, including the tri-turbo 4.0-liter V8 of the SQ7 and a plug-in hybrid co-developed with Porsche.