MINI to Debut...Mini Concept at Geneva Motor Show


Carscoop has learned that Mini will lift the covers off a brand new concept model at the Geneva Motor Show in the beginning of March. The three-door design study is said to hark back to the classic Mini in terms of its exterior dimensions while keeping up with the times in terms of safety requirements and occupant space.

The concept will measure a little over 3.4 meters in length, essentially splitting the difference between the current three-door hatchback (3,723 mm) and the original 1959 Mini (3,050 mm).

We also learned that Mini's study will sport a 3+1 seat configuration similar to that of the Toyota iQ and that its design and tech features, including a variety of weight saving tricks and components, will be applied to the next generation of Mini models.

It remains to be seen if the BMW Group bosses give the green light for a production version of the small city car concept from Mini.

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Anonymous said... »February 19, 2011

hmmm this sounds very interesting

Anonymous said... »February 19, 2011

...or at least it would, if we didn't get like five new MINI derivatives every year :P.

emjayay said... »February 20, 2011

Anyone know where that original Mini prototype is today, if it exits?

Anonymous said... »February 20, 2011


Anonymous said... »February 22, 2011

That would be great

The current "mini" is a big fat bloated parody of a small car

I will believe it when I see it

Anonymous said... »February 24, 2011

great pics

lets see what the car after the concept looks like
fingers crossed


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