1989 BMW 750iL V12 with Only 3,000 Miles but an Asking Price of $48k


In 1987, BMW made history with the presentation of its first ever V12 automobile (the company had made V12 engines before but they were used on aircrafts) and the first 12-cylinder German car in almost half a century, the 750i and its long wheelbase sibling, the 750iL from the E32 series.

Codenamed M70, the 5.0-liter V12 engine produced an output of 300bhp (304PS/224kW) and a peak torque of 450 Nm (332 lb·ft) and was linked to a four-speed ZF automatic transmission. The same powertrain also found its way under the hood of the 850i in 1989.

With more than two decades on its back and a hefty price tag at its time, the E32 750i / 750iL is not an easy find today - let alone in pristine condition, which makes this 1989 750iL that's up for grabs on eBay all the more interesting.

Located in Florida, the burgundy colored 750iL has only a mere 3,000 miles (about 4,800 kilometers) on its odometer, which virtually makes the car brand new!

The problem is that the seller is also asking for a "new car" price as the 1989 model is listed with a "Buy it now price" of US$48,500 (equal to €37,800).




Ugly said... »January 20, 2012

"...not an easy find today "
So, who's looking? I can find better ways to spend $48k.

eBay Hay said... »January 20, 2012

Good luck with getting that price! No special owner listed or sorted history that might be of interest. The V12 is ├╝ber expensive to work on, get parts, and pay for parts.

DreamOn said... »January 22, 2012

A BMW fan with deep pockets might pay that much but yea I do agree for the most part it will be a hard sell at that price in this economy

Yikes said... »January 24, 2012

First of all, those cars with ultra low mileage are listed for around $4,000 to $8,000 (if in mint condition), otherwise $2000 will get you one. Secondly, these cars are listed in every single review or consumer report as "Worst buy", "Avoid", "Unreliable", "Junk Status" etc. The motor, the transmissions, electrical etc. always prematurely fail.  Another thing is, look at the picture of the engine and engine bay.  The engine looks like it's got half a million miles on it. Where was this thing stored? The ocean? Finally, $48,500???  You can buy a brand spanking new M3 for that; they're blowing them out these days. PS - if he totalled that car,  his insurance company would give him $1,000 ($2,000 if they're being generous). 

Roblewisonline said... »January 26, 2012

I agree, fair point about the engine bay. The outside and inside look clean though but the engine bay is a sure sign of its age, prob just natural corrosion as the rocker covers over the timing chain are clean unlike nearly every other 750 you'll see. I disagree with the unreliable junk status though. If one of these cars has been maintained then they can be extremely reliable and the motors and gearboxes are nigh on bullet proof so in no way prone to fail prematurely. The price is WAY too high though...and no matter how much you like these cars (and i love them) it'll never be worth what this fella wants for it.

Bcweir said... »January 27, 2012

You people sure don't know much about BMW's, do you?

First of all, for you jerkoffs who think that's corrosion on the intake manifolds, it's NOT.  It's actually a corrosion inhibitor called Cosmoline which BMW applied to all of these cars back in the day (and from what I understand, they still do, unless they've moved on to a more effective corrosion inhibitor).

And yes, Cosmoline does turn yellow when it cures and dries.

If you don't believe me, contact BMW, or better yet, look up Cosmoline on the web.

Nothing ticks me off more than Toyota and Honda shoppers who don't know a thing about BMW's, vintage or otherwise, but don't let their ignorance stop them from shooting their mouths off.

Roblewisonline said... »January 27, 2012

Yeah the manifolds look ok, bit flat maybe but natural due to oxidisation over time, but the timing chain cover/rocker cam covers look clean. Most 750s have either rust or flakey laquer at this point. But check out the paintwork on the front panel below the bonnet, dull as you like. This car isn't as mint as they'd like you to believe.
And Burgundy!!? long as you're over 60. :)

Kenny said... »February 08, 2012

crack-smokers think the old low-mileage cars are worth a fortune -- LOL

AmericaAgain Com said... »September 20, 2012

I am pleased to be able to shed a little post debate light about this vehicle. As the person who purchased it, I think I have the right to an opinion or two.

While a picture is worth anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 words, depending on who you belive, I assure you that the engine compartment is not a disaster. While it will need a good cleaning , it does not show any excess age beyond its miles.

I am over sixty and Burgandy is not such a terrible color to me. I suppose I could have it painted a 2012 color so it would fit in better, but I think keeping it as original as possible is the hole idea.

I found that the rubber gaskets around the door handles needed to be replaced. have to

AmericaAgain Com said... »September 20, 2012


The BMW Dealer note that new brake pads were required and the hinges on the trunk were replaced. The mechanic stated that the under car looked brand new. That was it.

I confess that I have come to realize that the lights on the backs of the visors are not functioning.

The odometer now shows 3750.

Best of all I was able to purchase what most magazines of the time reviewed quite favorably

AmericaAgain Com said... »September 21, 2012


against the Mercedes S series.

If you are ever in Chicago, email me at

I will be happy to give you a ride in a REAL find.

Anonymous said... »December 26, 2012

The best car ever made I owned 1 before great power fred

Michael Johnson said... »February 04, 2013

Im in Australia and have just bought a 750il its imaculate its done 60,000. Im the 3rd owner and it was a fleet car for prince charles and princess di. I work on all 3 of my 7 series bmw's and love them.

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