Back To Basics: BMW Explains 0-60 Times, What Matters And What Not

BMW expects all-electric sports cars to break the 2-second barrier in the near future.

700 HP BMW M5 Competition Does A 10.24-Second Quarter Mile Run

Even in stock form, the M5 Competition covers the same distance in roughly 11 seconds.

Redux Does A Singer Not On 911s But BMW’s Iconic E30 M3

Redux rebuilds the whole car and fits modern suspension, brakes and transmission – and a turbocharger, if you so wish.

BMW 3-Series GT Getting The Axe, But 25 Electrified Models In The Works

BMW aims to reduce product portfolio complexity by eliminating the 3-Series GT.

2020 BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe Shows Up In M240i M Performance Guise Snow Drifting

This is by far the best look yet at the upcoming Mercedes-Benz CLA rival.

BMW And Daimler In Talks To Co-Develop Electric Vehicle Platforms

If they strike a deal, this could save each automaker almost $8 billion, or even more, in a seven-year period.

Defender-Inspired SUV By Ineos To Use BMW Engines, Launch In 2021

JLR has no problem with it, but will closely monitor Ineos’ efforts to see if it infringes on its intellectual property.

BMW M2 CS / CSL: Here’s A Closer Look At The Prototype

Whether it’s named the CS or CSL, the hardcore M2 will have more power and less weight than the Competition.

BMW’s All-New 3-Series Will Cost You At Least £33,610 In The UK

The new BMW 3-Series will go on sale next month in the UK.

2019 Z4 Arrives In BMW’s UK Showrooms Priced From £36,990

The new Z4 is available with three turbocharged petrol powertrains which are mated to an 8-speed auto.

2020 M3 To Feature Switchable AWD And Auto ‘Box As Standard, Says BMW M Exec

Next BMW M3 won’t come with a manual transmission, but not all hope is gone.

2020 BMW 7 Series Starts Rolling Off Dingolfing Plant’s Assembly Line

BMW exported 90 percent of the 7 Series last year, with the Chinese market accounting for 44 percent of total sales.