1964 Volkswagen Hippie Bus is a Blast from the Past


You may know it by different names such as the Type 2, Transporter, Bulli, Kombi and Hippie bus, but Volkswagen's classic van is one vehicle that you will never confuse with something else.

Found for sale on eBay is a meticulously restored example of the Volkswagen Dormobile Kombi Deluxe Model Micro Split Window Screen Bus (try saying that twice) from 1964.

What's special about the Dormobile version is the pop up roof that opens like an accordion and which offers additional headroom inside.

At the time this piece was written, the highest bid on eBay for this German time-machine was $19,800.

Head over the jump for a couple of videos and a gallery from the seller.





aaronbbrown said... »March 08, 2012

 Back in the 60s, my aunt and uncle drove with their 3 kids from Europe to northern India in one of these VW campers. They pretty much lived out of 'Broomhilda' as they called her.  My uncle was a paraplegic as a result of polio when he was the kids, so it was rigged up with hand controls, quite a trip to drive.  They brought it back to the states and had it for many years in northern California.  And yes they were hippies. :)

3Deuce27 said... »March 09, 2012

Love VW Bugs, don't much car for the buses.

 Like the look and the concept, but the reality was another thing.   Tippy handling, huge under steer, short engine life, poor highway performance.  My uncle who had a German car repair shop said that they kept him in business(A long with Rabbits & Jetta's). 

A friend of mine had one of these loaded to the roof top.  Had some of the noisiest and scariest rides coming down off Mount Hood from skiing. Damn thing was all over the road and so noisy I thought I was over Berlin in a B-24 taking flak from German anti-aircraft  guns while Messerschmitts raked us with cannon and machine gun fire.  Never thought I could be so scared for my life at 50 MPH.

Neighbor tried to give me a nice camper/Kombi van and I turned it down.

Captain SLOW said... »March 09, 2012

I said the word twice and, oh my, I´m still livin´!!!
Maybe it´s because the bus was dreamed up and built in the same country as I was.

Arkwright said... »March 09, 2012

What a lovely VW camper. Although the VW was built in Germany, the conversion company Dormobile is British.

chang long said... »May 07, 2012

nice idea.. thanks for sharing..

vw microbus said... »September 23, 2012

cool the bus

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