EDAG Targets Car Sharing Fleets with its New Geneva Motor Show Concept

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Two years after EDAG introduced the first Light Car Open Source study, the German engineering company returns to Switzerland and the Geneva Auto Salon to present a third iteration of its concept model.

The latest version of the Light Car features some updates here and there but largely remains the same. EDAG says that the all-electric model has been developed for car sharing fleets and is able to seat up to six passengers in two rows of threes.

"We see car sharing vehicles as being predestined to launch electric mobility onto the market as quickly as possible," explains EDAG CEO Jörg Ohlsen. "After all, electric-powered vehicles are already able to manage the zero emissions and the kind of short distances to be expected in the car sharing business in metro-politan areas."

The car has been designed to be practical as well as robust adopting among other things tough materials found in busses and trams in the interior.

One of the main highlights of the car are the front and rear bumpers that are fitted with gel pads that can withstand minor collisions and also incorporate LEDs that use three different colors to give a visible indication of its status.



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