Woman Goes Airborne after Standing Behind a Jet Engine


We don’t know what’s more thoughtless: allowing people to sit on a part of a public beach that's only a few feet away from the airport runway or the fact that some individuals get as close as the can to a larger airplane getting ready for takeoff.

A video that surfaced on YouTube shows several beach-goers standing behind the fence of the Princess Juliana International Airport on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin as a Jet Blue plane is turning around with its engines on.

While most onlookers leave the spot once they feel the tremendous force of the jet engines, a woman decides to hold onto the wired fence, and as you may have guessed, she was blown off her feet landing head first on a concrete block on the beachfront. In the video she appears to be hurt but she managed to get up and sit down.

Watch the video right after the jump.



Dderosset said... »April 09, 2012

Darwin strikes again.  

will wong said... »April 09, 2012

Not the brightest bunch of tools in the shed.
Hmmm who will win? Engines with 20,000 lbf X 2 or me???
That is what you get for being curious, flying head first into
a cement barrier.

Jonathan Katz said... »April 09, 2012

That actually looks fun!

Bob said... »April 09, 2012


Dgb78 said... »April 09, 2012

Jackass moment

MadMax said... »April 09, 2012

fly pig, fly, I mean, fly bitch, fly

George Presic said... »April 09, 2012

You got knocked the f#$k out..

Yoyogi said... »April 09, 2012

How has nobody mentioned the chick's ass at the end of the vid?!

Polyester Poontang said... »April 09, 2012

Only the ass named Yoyogi

Koto77 said... »April 10, 2012

Airplane 1 - Dumb Bitch 0 - FTW

RGT said... »April 25, 2012

Unfortunately she survived and is able to breed....

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