Taxi Driver Rams Mitsubishi Outlander Into A Rollover

After careful inspection of the footage, it’s clear that it was the taxi driver that ran a red light.

Woman In China Wrecks Ferrari 458 Italia Minutes After Renting It

Turning the traction control off when the road’s wet and you’re driving a Ferrari isn’t a good idea.

Chinese Man Wants To Bless His New BMW 5-Series, Inferno Ensues

Unfortunately, the gods didn’t take too kindly to the gesture and the Bimmer was engulfed in flames

Uber Driver Was Reportedly Watching ‘The Voice’ On Hulu Before Fatal Crash

The woman could face vehicle manslaughter charges by the county prosecutors.

Biker Collides With Pickup Truck, Makes Lucky Escape With Soft Landing

Considering the impact, the rider should be thankful for being able to walk away.

Watch Inattentive Honda Driver Slowly Pull Off Shoulder In Front Of 70mph Semi Truck

A huge accident, with potentially dire consequences, was averted by the truck driver’s swift reaction.

Dump Truck Smashes Through Stationary Traffic, Leaves 13 Injured

The truck crashed, at a scaringly fast speed, into a bunch of cars, thankfully with no fatalities.

Road Rager Attacks Female Driver, Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine

Things didn’t go as planned for this angry VW Passat driver.

Mercedes Driver Shows Horrible Judgement While Overtaking, Collision Ensues

There is simply no excuse for trying to overtake that box truck at that particular moment.

Motorcyclist Flies Over The Trunk Of A Toyota Camry After Crash

The biker was apparently tying to get away from an angry neighbor with a baseball bat.

Tesla Model S Catches Fire While Driving In Santa Monica Boulevard

Tesla is investigating what caused a Model S to catch fire while on the move.

2017 Ford GT With 40 Miles On The Clock Destroyed By Fire

No details are known yet, but the fire started at the middle or rear of the car.