Parked Porsche Cayenne Gets Dragged Along By FedEx Truck

The truck driver didn’t have room to make the turn, so he hit the SUV and then fled the scene.

Jeep Wrangler Takes Out Cherokee In Snow Storm And Runs Away

The driver of the Cherokee didn’t see the Wrangler’s rear plate – and, what’s worse, it wasn’t wearing a front one…

Semi Hits Two Overpasses In One Minute Before Losing Container

There’s a reason why signs with maximum height restrictions exist – but this driver didn’t take notice.

Impatient Mercedes Driver Gets Hit By Instant Karma – And A Bus

After getting hit by the bus, the Mercedes SUV got stuck on a light pole.

Man Somehow Avoids Getting Hit By Out Of Control Toyota Corolla

The driver of the Toyota was also extremely lucky not to smash into anything – or anyone…

Subaru Baja Hit And Run Caught On Home Security Camera

The crash was caught on camera and occurred right in front of a neighbor.

Deer Flies Through Toyota RAV4’s Windshield And Lands In The Back Seat

Smashing into a deer with your Toyota RAV4 is no fun.

Top Gear’s Chris Harris Crashes Porsche 911, Escapes Unhurt

Harris reportedly hit a pickup which was making a three-point turn.

A Ford Mustang Crashes Into A Bar, Thankfully No One’s Hurt

The driver was transferred to the hospital, but police are continuing to investigate the crash.

This Truck Driver Hit Two Low Clearance Bridges Within Minutes!

Watch the famous 11ft8 bridge in Durham, North Carolina open the truck’s box like a can of sardines.

Semi Truck Pits Mazda3, Sends It Spinning Into Concrete Divider

The semi ran straight into the back of the Mazda, for no apparent reason.

Ferrari 812 Superfast Among Vehicles Crashed At Robb Report Event, 5 Injured

Five people were reportedly injured as multiple cars were damaged in Napa Valley over the weekend.