Jeep Cherokee Gets T-Boned After Running Through Red Light

According to the police, the driver of the Jeep was distracted and didn’t notice the red light; thankfully, no one was seriously hurt.

Watch Michigan Woman Steal Police Cruiser And Crash During High-Speed Chase

24-year-old Destiny Hawkins was hit with felony charges and will stand trial for stealing a Tahoe police cruiser.

Accidental PIT Maneuver Leads To Rollover Crash

A not so subtle reminder to check your surrounding before changing lanes.

Kevin Hart’s Plymouth Barracuda Crash Investigated By Californian Authorities

The California Highway Patrol may recommend modified cars like Hart’s are fitted with five-point safety harnesses.

Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Driver Runs Red Light, Spins Out Of Control

The driver of the Caddy appears to have been going a little too quickly as he approached the intersection.

Top Gear’s Freddie Flintoff Crashes Trike At 124 MPH During Filming

The 41-year-old was riding a unique trike at up to 124 mph (200 km/h).

That Was Fast: Lamborghini Diablo Ends Up In A Ditch Shortly After Being Bought

A big, mid-engined supercar with 485 HP, rear-wheel drive and no fancy electronics to safeguard you; what could possibly go wrong?.

Tragic Incident Sees Man Live-Streaming Police Pursuit, Then Getting Shot And Killed

A 30-year old man in Minessota was, for an as yet undisclosed reason, chased by the police – and it all ended in the worst possible way.

Dirt Bike Rider Plows Into Metal Barrier, Breaks Nothing But His Phone

Speeding across a section of road you’re not familiar with is risky, especially when you’re on two wheels.

Formula 3 Driver Injured After Frightening Crash At Monza

Alexander Peroni drove over a curb on the edge of the Parabolica at high speed and his car flipped before landing on the tire wall.

Toyota Camry Driver Loses Control While Chasing BMW 5-Series, Crashes Big Time

The scary high-speed crash took place in Russia and, thankfully, there were no casualties despite its severity.

Biker Commits Epic Overtaking Blunder, Is Lucky To Survive

Both the biker and his passenger managed to walk away without serious injuries.