Impatient And Speeding Impreza Driver Causes Rush Hour Wreck

The Subaru crashed into a Mazda SUV, sending it spinning into the path of a bus.

Texas Trucker Falls Victim To High-Speed Cross Winds

A truck’s huge surface and high center of gravity mean it’s way more susceptible than passenger cars.

Slick Roads And Whiteout Conditions Cause 100-Car Crash In Colorado

Somehow there were no fatalities, though a number of people sustained “minor to serious” injuries .

That’s Not How You Enter A Parking Lot

The driver of this Hyundai Tucson was fortunate to walk away without any serious injuries.

Man Leads Police On 100 MPH Chase In Stolen Audi A4

The 22-year old was eventually caught and sentenced to 15 months in prison.

Natural Gas-Powered Bus Explodes In Sweden After Hitting Tunnel Barrier

The driver missed the sign indicating maximum vehicle height allowed and the top-mounted CNG tank exploded.

Building Roof Crushes Car In Germany During Storm Eberhard

This incident took place in Cologne, Germany and there were no injuries sustained.

Karma Hilariously Strikes Cyclist Yelling To Driver To Pay Attention

These cyclists also need to pay some more attention while riding in the bike lane.

Tesla Model S Plunges Into Lake, Chinese Driver Blames Unintended Acceleration

Tesla is investigating what caused this Model S to take a swim in a Shanghai river.

Watch As A Man Tumbles Out Of A Pickup Bed In South Africa

This man in South Africa was lucky to avoid any serious injures from his tumble.

Trucker Manages To Avoid Ford Suddenly Veering Into Lane In Frightening Near-Miss

This trucker’s quick actions likely saved lives in this incident that happened in Mississipi.

Lamborghini Huracan Performante Crashed By Bitcoin Investor

The Huracan Performante’s owner claims to have skidded on standing water and swerved to avoid hitting a lamp post.