Speeding Car Smashes Into Truck, Occupants Lucky To Survive

Judging by the dashcam footage, the vehicle that crashed was well north of the legal speed limit.

McLaren 650S Spider And Mercedes-Benz CLA Crash In Mexico

We don’t know what happened but this McLaren 650S and Mercedes CLA don’t look good.

DEA Plane Crash-Lands At Texas Street, Hits Tesla Model X And Toyota Corolla

Fortunately, neither the plane passengers or any of the car occupants were injured.

Mercedes Driver’s Lane Change Causes Speeding Audi To Crash Hard

Not checking your mirrors properly in traffic can have very serious repercussions.

New York Parking Garage Inferno Damages Over 100 Luxury Vehicles

A Brooklyn Mercedes-Benz had more than 130 of its vehicles damaged.

Old Mazda Sedan Goes Down The Subway After Intersection Crash

Its driver run a red light, was (reportedly) intoxicated and didn’t have a driving license .

Try Not To Cringe As A Porsche 911 GT3 Burns To A Crisp

Shortly before the fire erupted and engulfed the car, smoke started coming out of the engine bay.

Renault Cuts Off Police Convoy, Smashes Right Into Patrol Car

By the looks of it, the Clio driver must have missed the convoy, so he failed to give way.

Citroen Van Goes Airborne After Hitting Roundabout At High Speed

It’s not a stunt, but a serious accident caused by a driver who, obviously, was speeding – a lot.

Paul Walker Tribute Car Meet In California Turns Violent

Punches were thrown and tires destroyed at a Paul Walker tribute event.

Dump Truck Smashes Into Stationary Traffic On A Minnesota Highway

The accident took place last week and people were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

Lifestyle Journalist Charged For Allegedly Hitting Cyclist During McLaren Press Event

The woman is said to have been behind the wheel of a McLaren Sports Series model when the crash occurred.