Speeding Porsche Goes Airborne Crashing Into Second Floor Of NJ Building Killing Two

Police say the 2010 Porsche Boxster was traveling at a high rate of speed when it lost control.

It’s Hard To Miss This Rock, Yet Drivers Keep Hitting It

The boulder is located in a parking lot at N 156th St in Omaha and has already become a tourist attraction.

Tesla Model 3 Driver Praises Car’s Stability After Getting Sideswiped

This Tesla Model 3 was sideswiped by an allegedly drunk driver in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Man Nearly Crushed By Out-Of-Control Car In California Freeway

After hitting the divider twice, the car spun, hit a Prius and narrowly missed a man standing by the shoulder.

Nissan Hits Parked Cars, Narrowly Misses Pedestrians, Then Tries To Escape On Three Wheels

The driver of the Nissan Frontier actually hit several vehicles that day, including multiple pedestrians.

Uber’s Autonomous Vehicles Had 37 Crashes Before Arizona’s Fatal Accident

The NTSB divulged that Uber’s autonomous vehicles were involved in almost 40 crashes before the March 2018 incident.

Ouch…. Nissan GT-R R34 Loses It And Smashes Into A Wall During Livestream

This iconic iteration of the Nissan GT-R paid the price for sending power only to its rear wheels.

Irresponsible Corolla Driver Gets Trailer-Slapped By Passing Semi

The crash occurred in Bay Minette, Alabama and thankfully no serious injuries were reported.

Honda Civic Brake Checks Hummer H2 And (Duh!) Instantly Regrets It

The impact between the two vehicles made a mess of that Honda’s rear end.

Tulsa Police Officer Filmed Texting And Driving Prior To Crash

Authorities found the driver of the other vehicle at fault after sliding across the median, yet this officer’s behavior doesn’t exactly pass along the right message…

Mercedes-Benz GLK Driver Treats Stop Sign As Green Light, Gets T-Boned

What on earth could be more important for a driver than noticing and obeying a stop sign? Good question.

Jeep Smashes Into Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R In Parking Lot Stunt Gone Wrong

Another show off gets caught with more money than talent. And no, the Mustang had nothing to do with it.