Op-Ed: Releasing Totally Driverless Vehicles On Public Streets Is Suicidal

By allowing cars with no controls to roam our streets, we’re opening Pandora’s box.

Audi A6 Plows Into Emergency Vehicle – Both Parties At Fault?

Slowing down when crossing an intersection should be a given.

Nice Job, Pal: Hyundai Genesis Coupe Owner Thrashes Engine Until It Blows

Showing off is one thing; tearing your engine to shards, like this Genesis driver, is quite another.

Nissan Qashqai Smashes Into Box Truck At High Speed

Both drivers walked away without serious injuries.

Watch Man Try To Stop Driver Fleeing Crash With A Sledgehammer!

Even a sledgehammer wasn’t enough to stop this guy from fleeing the crash scene.

Ferrari F40 Owner Suing Canadian Insurer For Covering $800,000 Instead Of $1 Million Repair Costs

The Ferrari F40 owner is suing Canadian insurer ICBC after crashing into a pole.

And The Winner Of Worst Idea Of The Day Goes To…

This pickup truck was definitely not ‘Built Ford Tough’.

Nissan Pickup Driver Loses Control, Rolls Hard Multiple Times

The driver of this Nissan Navara just had a way worse day than you.

Rimac C_Two Has An Easter Egg For Richard Hammond

Rimac’s new C_Two is Hammond-proof, with a fire extinguisher and a very interesting message.

You Could Get A Heck Of A Deal On This Lotus Evora Write-Off

Those dents and scratches on this 2013 Lotus Evora should buff right out… right?.

Watch Rider Hit The Tarmac On Highway After Misjudging Traffic Situation

This crash ended much worse for the bike than the biker who, somehow, wasn’t hit by a vehicle.

Driver Loses Control On Icy Road, Spins And Hits Another Car

If only he had adjusted his speed to match the icy road, he probably wouldn’t have spun.