2015 Ford Mustang GT Coupe Design Concept: A Look Into the Future


As the current life-cycle of arguably America’s most iconic automotive nameplates draws to an end, all eyes are looking towards the near future and locking on to the next Ford Mustang that will arrive in 2014 as a 2015 model, right in time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the pony car.

Now in writing this I must confess to admiring the styling of the current Mustang, with its chiseled bodywork and retro throwbacks it does get my heart pumping - almost bordering towards cardiac arrest in GT500 form.

So where to from here for Ford and the global design studios that have a hand in penning the next Mustang; should they look to the past for inspiration or should they follow a clean slate approach that throws all previous retro elements into the shredder?

In protecting its loyal customer base, Ford will want this to be a home run, so expect some familiar cues combined with a more futuristic look incorporating the company’s Post-Kinetic design language.

To give a speculative insight on how the next Mustang might look, I’ve created a render that incorporates Ford’s latest design language from current production and concept models.

The word on the street is that the new pony car will borrow heavily from last year's Evos concept, so bearing this in mind, I have softened some of lines as well as making them more expressive and sleeker. For example, the scollops in the doors are deeper and rear haunches are more curvaceous to exude a subtle hint of the GT40.

The front keeps that classic Mustang look combined with an exaggerated border that leads down from the headlights and onto the lower bumper. Not forgetting the grille, it gains an imposing variation of the staple trapezoidal outline, now found on most of Ford’s current passenger car lineup.

So this is just one designer's crystal ball gaze. Is it far too evolutionary or just on the mark, what do you think?

One thing is for sure; whatever Ford lets out of its stables next will have to be good enough to take on the world.

By Josh Byrnes

Design Credits: Josh Byrnes for CarScoop





Koncept Keeper said... »July 09, 2012

Well, I like it! Nice concept Josh. Love the use of the descriptive word "haunches" that is seems to be finding a resurgence with the sportier vehicles and their aggressiveness.

Evan M. said... »July 09, 2012

It looks cool, but I would love to see something totally different and more like the EVO's style instead
and even awd fitted to the 4 cylinder ecoboost.

Paradigm ♂♂ said... »July 10, 2012

Very nice. To be honest though, it just looks like ANOTHER refresh, not a redesign. Like how we went from the 05 to the 2010, to the current refresh. This is what would happen, to me, if they refreshed it again. Same platform and everything, I think it needs to look a little bit more dramatic to better compete with the eventual Camaro and Baracuda(Challenger replacement).

Eddie said... »July 10, 2012

I LOVE IT. ford please make this exact car.  nicely done!

Toronado_II said... »July 10, 2012

This iconic car should get involve like the 911: a bit by bit !

Frank said... »July 10, 2012

Nice!  Love the headlights.

WiseOne said... »July 10, 2012

You are waaaaaaaaay off! The new design will not be a refresh, but a total redesign no retro charateristics.

dubfun said... »July 10, 2012

Unfortunately, Ford is probably going to over-think this, do a design by commitee, and end up with an unexciting blob like the Thunderbird.  I hope they don't.  The Ford Probe/Mustang fiasco has me scared.

cobra952top said... »July 10, 2012

Good try but for me it's just a dress up of the current car--which I agree is great.  It will take some guts from Ford--and some great design engineers, but the 2015 needs to be a daring new car just like the original that I fell in love with instantly as a 10 year old.  The original intended to evoke more about TR's and the other sports cars GI's drove in England--not about American muscle.  The combination of British inspiration and American engineering was an unprecedented hit!  The time is right.  Do it again, Ford!

MarketAndChurch said... »July 11, 2012

It looks great for a design study, but I think it could be a little more inline with ford's new design DNA. It is true that the Mustang and F-150 will always have freedom to be whatever they want to look like, but I think the next mustang will communicate far more of the Evos design DNA, and a total departure from Ford's current DNA.
In a nutshell, it must look Premium, restrained and well tailored, sleek, efficient, and smart.

More in depth:1.) It must  have a sleeker silhouette that separates it from most of its competitors. 2.) It must communicate "perceived efficiency" - 3.) It must have a paired down, reduced, and simplified approach, the Evos has lines but they are melted and minimalized4.) Yet, despite a minimalized simple approach, it must still communicate technicalness or "smart-design" via LED headlamps, and other visual cues that showcase
5.) It must feature Ford's inverted trapezoidal grill.
6.) And combining all of these elements in a premium package.

Some of your lines feel way too forced, and from some angles, certain surfaces look unresolved, especially the that line that runs from the front headlamp to the vent slit along the side of the car, or(out of curiosity) that line that runs down from the headlamp through the front bumper, what was the purpose of that? Also, I did like your headlamp, how it runs into the grill, similar to the mazda concept sedan(previewing the upcoming 6) that came out not too long ago, and to some extant, the Maseratti Kubang concept as well. 

Jason Bickford said... »July 12, 2012

I have seen more evos like ones and i like them a lot more

Blackbird1996 said... »July 12, 2012

That is a beautiful design.  I love it.  I love how you integrate the side curves around the headlights towards the front end.  Looks very modern. Many people want a complete change from the current design but I think you've mixed new with the old beautifully.  I am very curious how you think the rear end would look because I have always thought it was the ugliest part of the current model.

Randy Burbach said... »July 12, 2012

This is, by far, the best imagining of the next Mustang yet

Really! said... »July 13, 2012

 Reg;  "original intended to evoke more about TR's and the other sports cars"    Actually it was to give an entry level, economical version of the luxury 4-place T-Bird that had sporty intentions, but too much bulk to be sporty.  All you have to do is look at it inside and out to see its lineage.

I agree..that Ford has to have some 'Guts' to step somewhat out line into the modern world of vehicles, but they can afford to keep doing the same thing, design wise, with this model, and just upgrade the drivetrain of the base model, keeping the aspirations of the GT alive for the gearheads. The BRZ/FRS/Genesis Coupe have certainly provided the blueprint for a modern Pony car, particularly the BRZ/FRS.

Decalh5 said... »July 14, 2012

I think the EVOS concept is a design that would sell incredibly well. I drive a Honda, and would definitely switch to Ford for this car!

Also -I really like the design rendering that Josh Byrne has created for the next-generation Ford Mustang! I was just a kid when the Mustang came out, and I remember some comment about the car's 'bucket seats' and how they were too small compared to a 'nice big split-bench seat' like my parents had in their Ford Galaxie 500. By the time the Mach 1 came out in the 70's I was head-over-heels for it, but never owned one. I did ride in one however, and its' speed and curb appeal were awesome!

Lactuis said... »July 15, 2012

This concept looks good...would like to see what you have planned for the rearend

Kiyoshi Manabe said... »July 27, 2012

She looks more virile and fluent than the current one. I do hope the 2.0-litres EcoBoost unit would be adopted to next Mustang!!

Shanetimson said... »August 01, 2012

I like it more than the version that looks more like the EVOS! it retains mustang lines, and things that many of us mustang faithfuls have come to expect as far as looks anyway. I think its a good blend of new styling while not going too far off base with the current design. I would buy one that looks like this! Not an EVOS Mustang though!

danneskjold1 said... »August 13, 2012

All of the sketches I've seen look good, MY main concern is about what's going to go under the hood! Sorry, a Mustang is an American muscle car, it NEEDS a V8 powerplant in the traditional sense. Otherwise it's not a Mustang (or a  muscle car).

Rees said... »August 15, 2012

I guess I'm the only person who doesn't like it at all. It looks like you took a mustang and just stripped all the parts that make it somewhat tough looking left us with a girls car...

jamberg said... »September 01, 2012

the 64.5 mustang was made to look like a ferrari from a distance

Anonymous said... »October 13, 2012

Just horrible from back and the front looks pretty much like the Taurus even the interior looks so cheap I dis spect something better than that I'm a mustang loyal but just don't like the evo even my 87 5.0 has better look... could they built a better one they still in time...

camaro killer said... »November 28, 2012

i think ford should keep it the same way but lighten the car and but a more powerful engine in it

camaro killer said... »November 28, 2012

that has to be the most dumbest idea i ever heard of

brvnbld said... »December 08, 2012

great josh....this concept is cool...hope the next gen mustang looks more or less like this..

Steven Tardio said... »April 12, 2013

Do you even have a clue what a Mustang is?

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