Oh, Come On, Not Again! Ford Mustang Crashes And Flips Leaving Cars And Coffee

Another day, another Mustang crash happened at a meet up.

New 2020 Ford Mustang R-Spec Limited Edition With Supercharged V8 Made For Aussies

The Mustang R-Spec is limited to 500 cars, starts at AU$99,980 and is believed to get at least 700 hp.

This Retro-Inspired Ford Mustang Has 700 HP And Is Heading To SEMA

The Ford Mustang in question takes design inspiration from GT40 race cars from the 1960s.

Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks: Dodge Challenger Outsold Chevy Camaro And Ford Mustang In Q3

Dodge sold 18,031 Challengers beating out the 16,823 Mustangs sold by Ford.

21 Vehicles From The Late Paul Walker’s Collection Heading To Auction

Walker was an avid car fan and had varied tastes, thus this bunch includes American muscle cars, Japanese sports cars, and more.

2019 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Meets 2019 Chevy Camaro 1LT In 4-Cylinder Pony Car Battle

They may not sound great, but the downsized-engined versions are more affordable and fuel efficient and pack more than decent oomph .

Volvo XC90 Veers Off Its Lane, Crashes Into Ford Mustang Head-On

The old lady driving the Volvo suffered some medical problem, but the good thing is that everyone walked out of it with just minor injuries.

2020 Supra And Z4 Want To Show The Mustang There Is A Replacement For Displacement

The Mustang has more than 100 HP at its disposal compared to its challengers, but they have forced induction on their side…

Car-Clueless Thieves Crash ’67 Ford Mustang Into Store To Steal Three Gaming Consoles

And the award for the dumbest thieves of the year goes to the ones who used a ’67 ‘Stang to steal… three PlayStations!.

V8-Powered Ford Fusion With 450 HP And RWD Is The Closest Thing To A Mustang Sedan

Not content with the stock 325 HP twin-turbo V6, the owner of this saloon fitted a tuned Coyote engine and a 2007 ‘Stang GT500 transmission.

Ford Launches Mustang Shelby GT500 Configurator, But You’d Better Be Careful With Those Options

The GT500 can top out at over $105,000 if you tick all the boxes, which includes a cool $10k for having those stripes painted instead of out of vinyl.

Largest Ford Mustang Gathering Ever Enters Record Books With 1,326 Vehicles

Owners from all over Europe managed to set a world record for the most Mustangs in a single parade.