This Ghastly Motorcycle Accident Will Leave You in Shivers…


It’s no secret that motorcycle accidents can be far more serious than car-related crashes given that the rider is completely exposed. Just how much more serious can be seen in the video footage recorded on a Ducati motorcycle-mounted camera.

Before you proceed, however, we would like to warn you that some viewers may find the video distressing.

The clip shows two riders slowing down on the road as a large pickup truck with a trailer carrying a machine legally turns into a side road (it could be a house though, we're not sure), when all of a sudden a third, unrelated Kawasaki ZX-10 bike comes blasting in from behind at speed smashing into the trailer.

The crash was so brutal that the biker was thrown many feet into the air before he landed on the ground.

Miraculously, the person who filmed the scene, YouTube user "Drramascrr", said that the rider made it out alive suffering only a broken arm and leg.

Below you will find the description of the accident from Drramascrr:

"Out for a group ride. I had never met the guy who was riding the ZX-10 before. As I was slowing down he was still going fast and said he never saw the trailer. The gopro camera is mounted to the front of my Ducati 848 Evo. He survived the crash with only a broken arm and broken leg however he was airlifted to the hospital."

Thanks to Tim L.R. for the story tip!



Kristian said... »September 12, 2012

Damn!!! lucky SOB!!

I'm A Noob said... »September 12, 2012

Total noob. No riding boots, jeans, at least he had a riding jacket and full helmet.

Florentino Agusta said... »September 12, 2012

dumb ass should have flown all the way to the moon.

arturoh said... »September 12, 2012

stupid lucky creature

Magos said... »September 13, 2012

Video removed ...

Brendan said... »September 13, 2012

Yes, he screwed up, but I guess it's easy to criticize from a computer huh? You people should relax and get off your pedestal unless you're Max Biaggi himself or something.

Me said... »September 13, 2012

It's been removed thanks to the YouTube hypocrites.

It's here:

aaronbbrown said... »September 13, 2012

 YouTube has removed the video

Rbgragg68 said... »September 13, 2012

This isn't a matter of us thinking we are Max Biaggi, its guys on bikes that think they are Max Biaggi. In the video, you notice in one lane there is already two bikes, side by side slowing for a turning vehicle. So obviously the intellengent thing to do must be, make it 3 wide, splitting the middle at warp speed. Brilliant. So yes its easy to criticize from a computer. But its also easier to drive on the street with common sense and tiny bit of intellegence.

aaronbbrown said... »September 13, 2012

 This is what usually happens in motorcycle accidents, he's lucky that he had nice open road in front of him, his injuries would have been more severe if his body had been met by something solid

Jafrum Intl said... »September 14, 2012

 The most awful news and video that I've seen this day. I wonder what happened to him? Anyway, he's wearing a gear so probably he'll be safe.

Jafrum Intl said... »September 14, 2012

most awful news and video that I've seen this day. I wonder what
happened to him? Anyway, he's wearing a gear so probably he'll be safe.


Jjimy36 said... »September 14, 2012

Guy lost his shoe at 0:19

William said... »September 19, 2012

Man that was a bad accident.

Yavor Trassiev said... »September 23, 2012

Yes, open coffin.

Adam Simpson said... »September 25, 2012


Rikojohnson said... »September 28, 2012

he got what he deserved

oliver gill said... »November 22, 2012

Motorcycles are really dangerous so we must always wear safety gear. I think the victim can get a motorcycle accident claim for this distressing event of his life.

Anonymous said... »January 13, 2013

So he got what he deserved just because you can't fucking afford a ducati and don't
know how to ride a motorcycle you boy!!!!!

am said... »January 31, 2013

Sure, it is a devastating accident, rarely captured on tape in such details. Often seen quote is "30x more fatalities than car" to discourage motorcycling in general, and plea to insanity of people even considering the whole thing seriously.

Worth noting: 30 times something very unlikely is still darn unlikely. * Why do I emphasize this mathematical "insight" ? The good news is that risk of actually dying in a car accident is a downward trend because of 1 seat belts, 2 front airbags, 3 side airbags, 4 ABS, 5 computer calculated crumple zones, 6 high strength steel frame, 7 crash testing, 8 drivers education, 9 road designs, 10 police enforcement against DUI. * So when death becomes less likely in the benchmark figure (=car), so does motorcycle deaths too, provided the relative number "30" stays the same. This is easily forgotten when emotionally heated discussions. * All these things shifts the injury mode from 100% definitive fatality towards the ABC, such as A) severe injury, B) injury or C) no injury at all. * Obviously you don't need more than a few miles per hour to hurt your head really badly * Any tall person that accidentally walked into a low clearance door frame can tell about it. * The simple rule: use a helmet and then stop worrying about relatively small odds of fatality. * What should worry a motorcyclist are non-fatalities: road rash, ankle injuries and a handful of other motorcycle specific injuries. Non-fatal injuries could still cause debilitating pain for weeks or months and slow healing wounds could easily become infected. Jacket and pants reduces risk of open bone fractures and wound infection by contaminants such as dirt and road debris. The importance of motorcycle shoes / boots. * I have searched the internet high and low for material about motorcycle injuries, especially knees and ankles that bears the weight of the person while standing or walking. Many products offered for reducing lower extremities injuries but finding proper fitment is tricky. So far the most comprehensive and easily digested material I have seen is: 3/2006 publication in the medical journal (Suomen Ortopedia ja Traumatologia Vol. 29). A study with title "Injuries caused by motorcycle accidents – a 5-year survey of patients treated in Kuopio University Hospital" (Finland). The abbreviated presentation PDF is only 4 pages long, yet it has very straight forward visualization of what body parts get injured (percent) most likely during an motorcycle accident. * * LINK =

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