This Ghastly Motorcycle Accident Will Leave You in Shivers…

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It’s no secret that motorcycle accidents can be far more serious than car-related crashes given that the rider is completely exposed. Just how much more serious can be seen in the video footage recorded on a Ducati motorcycle-mounted camera.

Before you proceed, however, we would like to warn you that some viewers may find the video distressing.

The clip shows two riders slowing down on the road as a large pickup truck with a trailer carrying a machine legally turns into a side road (it could be a house though, we're not sure), when all of a sudden a third, unrelated Kawasaki ZX-10 bike comes blasting in from behind at speed smashing into the trailer.

The crash was so brutal that the biker was thrown many feet into the air before he landed on the ground.

Miraculously, the person who filmed the scene, YouTube user "Drramascrr", said that the rider made it out alive suffering only a broken arm and leg.

Below you will find the description of the accident from Drramascrr:

"Out for a group ride. I had never met the guy who was riding the ZX-10 before. As I was slowing down he was still going fast and said he never saw the trailer. The gopro camera is mounted to the front of my Ducati 848 Evo. He survived the crash with only a broken arm and broken leg however he was airlifted to the hospital."

Thanks to Tim L.R. for the story tip!