Toyota Gauges Reaction for a Convertible Version of GT 86 / FR-S with Geneva Study


Toyota is asking visitors as well as online viewers of the Geneva Motor Show if it should green light the production of a convertible version of its GT 86 sports coupe, otherwise known as the 86 or in North America, as the Scion FR-S, with the release of the FT-86 Concept.

While Toyota tried to give the car a slightly conceptual look through a customized interior slathered in two-tone leather and accent stitching, it's more or less production ready, something that even the Japanese brand admitted.

The transition from coupe to convertible brings a fabric roof with a glass rear screen that retracts behind the rear seats, which remain and give the Toyota model an edge over Mazda's rivaling MX-5 series.

Toyota says the GT86 (and consequently, the BRZ and FR-S) was developed from the beginning to be offered in open top form.

During the presentation of the concept in Geneva, Toyota Europe President Didier Leroy said:

"I know you are all wondering about facts and figures, and body rigidity. Well, we have the same worries and Tada [chief engineer of the GT 86] and his team are deep into analysis. But GT86 was designed from the start as a cabriolet… That probably tells you all you needed to know."

Expect Scion to present its own version of the FR-86 Concept later this year.

So, what do you say; should Toyota and Scion green light a convertible version of their respective coupes?





aaronbbrown said... »March 06, 2013

How could you not want them to build this car? It's the best thing to come out of Toyota or Subaru this century.

Anonymous said... »March 06, 2013

Make it a tin top convertible version and would go out and buy on NOW!

stunt said... »March 10, 2013

Not that I want the kids to get in, but its got four seats for emergencies, which beats the tt mx5 boxster and z4 keep the price down and get it made, then watch the other makers follow your lead. It looks fantastic

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