Toyota Starts Taking £1,000 Deposits For 2019 Supra In UK, No Pre-Orders For USA

Toyota USA, however, told Carscoops that they won’t be taking pre-orders.

The FJ Company’s Latest Looks Ready To Storm Some Distant Beach

Forget the discontinued FJ Cruiser and go for a restomod original from The FJ Company, like this customer from Kansas did.

2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback Offers Fresh Design And Engaging Handling

The Corolla was always a reliable, but not exciting, choice. The all-new generation wants to change the latter part.

Toyota RAV4 Burns Down, Tank Explodes, Almost Claims Firefighters

The incident took place in Kenner, Louisiana and two firefighters were engulfed by flames at one point.

2019 Toyota RAV4: Get An Early Taste Before The Embargo Is Lifted

Full details and reviews of the all-new Toyota RAV4 will drop on November 20.

2020 Toyota Supra Confirmed To Debut In Detroit This January

According to Toyota’s German division, we can expect to see the new Supra revealed in production form just a few months from now.

2019 Toyota Corolla Reveals Its Two Flavors In Paris

You can have it in hatchback or Touring Sports body styles, each with a choice of two hybrid powertrains.

This Toyota Century Is A Lovely Luxury Sedan With Probably A Shady Past

The Toyota Century is an over-engineered classic luxury car, originally reserved for the Japanese elite.

Electrified London Black Cab Challenges Toyota Prius And Ford Galaxy Into A Drag Race

It’s perhaps the most pointless drag race ever, but we learn which is the fastest taxi in the business.

Watch A 1,400 PS Toyota Supra Hit 200 MPH In A 1/2-Mile Sprint

We’ve no doubt this heavily tuned Supra would have smoked lots of supercars if they had dared challenge it.

Toyota Teases Hardcore Gazoo Racing GT86, Promises ‘Passion For Speed’

There’s a hot Toyota GT86 coming and will probably be quicker than the standard model.

Toyota Yaris GRMN Embarrasses Renault Clio RS In Straight Line Race

Once more, the hot Yaris demonstrates that Toyota has built a great contender for the hot hatch title.