Volvo Mulling to Offer V60 Wagon in the States to Enhance Limited Lineup


Back in 2011, Volvo launched the S60 sedan and V60 estate in Europe, yet it was only the former that actually made it to the floors of US showrooms.

Stateside dealers argued that in the face of falling wagon/estate sales, there was no need for it. However, their then-numerous range has shrunk to only four models in the US, and now dealers think there is room for the wagon in the range, after all, according to an Autonews report.

Buyers from the States have not had a similar-sized estate car since the V50 was discontinued, when production of the S60 and V60 began. Volvo will also begin selling its refreshed range of vehicles, which the company claims have been much-improved for the 2014 model year. These new versions of the already familiar cars will hit US dealerships in June.

This is good news for Volvo, as the fresh metal will attract more buyers, which may or may not completely understand that there are over 4,000 changes made to the four models – Volvo insists that they are more than mere facelifts.

The first all-new car that Volvo plans to bring to the US is the completely redesigned XC90 SUV. This will take place in late 2014, and by that time, the current XC90 will look even more out of place alongside the newer and much fresher-looking models.

A smaller car, designed to be an alternative to entry-level models from Mercedes-Benz and BMW is also in the works, but it's still a few years away - they actually already have a model which fits that description, the V40 hatchback, but that's not coming to the US, either.

By Andrei Nedelea




Tom4Safety said... »March 13, 2013

Bring it on PLEASE. I will be first in line. Volvo wagons are sweet, iconic & this gem will give us choice as happy, faithful safe car buyers & families. I will own & operate nothing but a Volvo after a horrific vehicular accident. I feel like I am in a tank from a safety perspective in a Volvo compared with other vehicles. Many, many safety features & we share much in common with fellow owners in our Volvo club & those we encounter everywhere we go throughout the U.S. and Canada. I am planning on a purchasing a 2014 Volvo & will order a wagon as pictured tomorrow if able!

stvkarnut said... »March 14, 2013

Volvo,ford focus,mazda 6 bring all the wagons. These are NOT the wagons we rem

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