Giorgi Tevzadze's Last Drift Video Before His Tragic Death and an Eerie YouTube Message

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The devil has divided loyalties when it comes to Giorgi Tevzadze from Georgia, who passed away this week in an unfortunate car accident. On one hand, he was an extremely skillful driver, but on the other hand, when he did apply his talents behind the wheel, he did it on public roads, often disregarding the safety of other motorists (even though some may rightfully claim that he had far more control over his cars than most drivers).

Nevertheless, regardless of what you think about how, when and where he drove his infamous BMW M5 E34, no one deserves to die in an accident, and at the end of the day, it wasn't even his fault; according to reports, one of his friends was steering the M5 when it lost control crashing side-first into a tree and killing Tevzadze. The driver survived.

The Georgian was only 26 years old and had recently married, as seen in the photo-tributes that are pouring into a newly created Facebook page named "R.I.P. Giorgi Tevzadze" and which some fans have translated to "Ride In Piece".

Besides the photos there's also a new video (or at least one we haven't see before), said to have been Tevzadze's last recorded street race, plus what we can only describe as an eerie message from the past when Tevzadze replied to YouTube commentators back in January (second video) the following:

"hallo people! am, georgian, 25. what else... yeah, i'm not going to crash and die just beacause you want it!:DDDDD thanks everybody who likes the video!"

There's nothing more we can say other than we hope that he is driving and drifting in a better place now and, of course, send our condolences to his family and friends.

Photo Credits: R.I.P. Giorgi Tevzadze/FaceBook