1927 Ford Model T Double Trouble Sports Two Supercharged V8s with 1,200HP +

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Talk about the past coming to haunt your dreams in the present. Gordon Tronson, a New Zealander living in Las Vegas and whom I remember from a recent episode of the History Channel's "Counting Cars" television show, has manufactured a pretty cool custom ride from a 1927 Ford Model T simply known as "Double Trouble".

The name is a reference to its twin-engine setup – you could call it a W16 of sorts... The Double Trouble Ford T rides on a custom-built tube chassis fabricated from 1.5-inch tube and gets its power from two 4.6-liter modular V8 engines sourced from Ford stacked next to each other and boosted by a total of four superchargers pushing out over 1,200-horses.

He tells us in Drive's video that the car makes use of the rear-end from an early Jaguar.

For more on this brain-freezing build, make the jump and hit play on the video that follows.