Transformers-Themed Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Goes For $2.1 Million

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Currently up for sale in California, this Veyron Grand Vitesse is among the most eye-catching produced, commissioned by an avid fan of the Autobots.

It's a 2014 model and comes with a Transformers-inspired paint scheme and a $2.1 million asking price.

The front fascia has been painted in two different shades of light blue to form the Autobots logo amidst a sea of mosaic-like shapes. The blue paint scheme continues across the doors and rear fascia, while the front bumper, side skirts and rear bumper are finished in blue-tinted carbon fiber. The removable hardtop is gloss black and a set of silver and blue wheels finish off the exterior look.

In the cabin, things are just as bold with light blue leather found on the carbon-backed seats, door panels and headliner, blue carpets and blue contrast stitching on all black leather components. Oh, and some carbon accents, like across the transmission tunnel and doors, are also in blue, too.

A massive aluminum Autobot logo has also been fitted in between the seats which themselves have had "Daniel", presumably the original owner's name, stitched into the headrests.

For all the money and time spent configuring this Veyron, it's only been driven for 568 km (352 miles). A shame, if you ask us, but a practically new 1,200hp hypercar for one who's on the lookout for something like this. Provided, of course, he's not a Decepticon fan.

Via James Edition