John Hennessey Believes Bugatti Is “Sandbagging” The Chiron’s Top Speed

He also believes the 0-60 mph benchmark has become irrelevant now that so many EVs deliver sub-3-second times.

This Is How A Bugatti Veyron Hit 250 MPH / 400KPH On The Autobahn

Not many Bugatti Veyron can say they’ve almost maxed out their car.

Bugatti Is Ready To Expand Its Range – It’s Just A Matter Of Deciding How

Company CEO says it’s a matter of finalizing what they should invest in, and whether that investment will yield a profit.

Bugatti Boss Admits Hybrid SUV Is Under Consideration

It seems not even Bugatti can stay away from SUVs and crossovers.

Life-Size LEGO Bugatti Chiron Brings Wholesome 12 MPH Fun To Paris

This might not be the fastest Bugatti ever, but it sure is the most intricately built.

Bugatti Divo Looks Spectacular Under Any Light, Check It Out In 92 Images From Paris

You can take pictures with the Divo at Bugatti’s stand in Paris until October 14.

Widebody Divo Would Make A Much Wilder Chiron-Based Bugatti

Bugatti reportedly has three more models in the pipeline, and one of them is a more hardcore Chiron.

Bugatti Chiron Goes Drag Racing Against Tuned 1,300 HP Audi S4

On paper, this should be a walk in the park for the Chiron. So, did things turn out that way?.

Bugatti Divo Would Look Spectacular In Just About Any Of These Liveries

With only 40 examples to be made, no two examples of the new Bugatti Divo need ever leave the factory looking exactly the same.

Bugatti Eyeing Chiron Superlight, Super Sport And Roadster Variants

The French automaker is reportedly working on three other Chiron-based hypercars.

Bugatti Pondering Second Model – Is It An SUV Or A Four-Door Coupe?

Bugatti’s head honcho, Stephan Winkelmann, said than if it happens, it will not be a sports car.

VW Might Create Super-Premium Group For Its More Exclusive Brands

Lamborghini’s potential move from Audi to Porsche means that a sub-group could be formed, including Bentley and Bugatti as well.