Aston Martin DB11 Is A Hit, Here's What Will Follow

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The DB11 was revealed a few days ago and already it is off to a great start.

More than 1,400 customers have placed orders, 500 having expressed their interest in the GT from preview events, another 500 deciding to buy one after seeing the leaked images prior to DB11's presentation in Geneva and the rest signing the papers after seeing the car at the show.

The new GT is the first step in replacing Aston's current range. The second will, according to Autocar, be the new Vantage. It will debut late next year and it should introduce Mercedes V8 engines to Aston's lineup.

Following it shortly will be the new Vanquish, but it is yet to be decided whether this will be "a performance GT or a full-blown supercar". Underpinning the upcoming Vantage and Vanquish will be Aston's new aluminum architecture.

"What we need is the perceptions to go away of old technology, old platforms, and the question of whether we can survive as an independent manufacturer", commented CEO Andy Palmer.

The DBX crossover has been green lit and will be built in Wales. It will ride on a different aluminum platform, developed by the British manufacturer, and is expected to launch by the end of the decade, along with the Lagonda luxury saloon.