Bentley Can’t Make Enough Bentaygas To Meet The Demand

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The British automaker's Chief Executive Officer, Wolfgang Duerheimer, confirmed that they are looking into ways to ramp up production of their first ever SUV.

Bentley has already increased the capacity of the Bentayga once, from 3,600 to 5,500 units, with the company’s boss telling Reuters that they have received pre-orders from 10,000 customers.

“We are evaluating whether we can do a little bit more next year”, Duerheimer said during the Geneva Motor Show. The Crewe plant is ready for the challenge, but the company’s suppliers can, so far, meet only the original schedule for 3,600 cars.

Adding more shifts in the plant and getting a boost from the suppliers will allow Bentley to produce more of their ultra-luxurious large SUV.

“This is a step-by-step process, but it's a nice problem to have”, Duerheimer conceded, adding that their desire is to keep the waiting list as short as possible. The waiting list for the Bentayga is currently stretching to one year.