New Porsche 911R Vs Corvette Grand Sport: Which One Grinds Your Gears Best?

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This year’s Geneva show was just magic; Porsche broke the mold by releasing the purest iteration of the 911 in decades, while GM just went nuts and revealed a cheaper Corvette Z06, minus the supercharger.

After all these years, fans of the iconic rear-engined German sports car can no longer claim that they don’t build them like they used to. Porsche has released the automotive equivalent of a wet dream by combining the best bits in its arsenal into one car aimed straight at the purist driver.

Pairing the 500hp GT3 RS engine with a specially developed six-speed manual gearbox should be enough for most people but Porsche went on and stripped the car from everything unnecessary, even replacing the glass side windows and rear screen with plastic ones.

Chevrolet wanted to offer a more hardcore version of the Corvette Stingray, but instead of fiddling with the suspension and calling it a day, they went on and launched a less powerful Z06 because they are good people. You can have it with either a seven-speed manual or with the pictured 8-speed automatic.

With the 460hp LT1 V8 under the bonnet, the new Grand Sport joins the very elite club of the around-500hp manual sports cars built for fun. Yes, the new Corvette still lacks in pedigree against the Porsche, but it makes up for it with its motivation and sheer talent.

Is the limited, more expensive Porsche desirable enough to prefer it over the loud, cheeky Corvette? Cast your vote below.

Poll: So, which one would you go for?

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