Lumma’s Jaguar F-Pace CLR Is An Impressive Tuning Exercise

Spicing up an already imposing and aggressive automobile isn’t easy, but Lumma-Design knows how to turn the dial up all the way to 11.

We’ve already grown accustomed to Lumma’s visual offerings for Porsche, Mercedes and BMW, but now, the new Jag F-Pace has aroused the German tuner’s interest, as it decided to bedizen the Coventry-built SUV with its CLR package.

The Lumma CLR F is the culmination of the tuner’s expertize, embodying some extreme ideas in the F-Pace’s already sporty character. The upcoming tuning program will consists of carbon-fiber and PU-RIM styling components, ultra-light 24-inch alloy rims, sports exhaust system, and an engine upgrade plan.

The changes were made with “maximum driving pleasure” in mind, as Lumma states, that’s why the most popular engine in the range – the supercharged 3.0-litre V6 – will receive a 100 PS (99 HP) bump in power, increasing its output to 480 PS (473 HP). Apparently, the exhaust system, has a saying in the new performance figure, due to its lower exhaust backpressure.

As seen in these official renders, the visual front is governed by a body kit that adds a new front bumper and a rear apron into the mix, as well as sculpted side skirts and wheel arch extensions – filled by the big 24-inch wheels, wrapped in 285/35ZR24 front and 355/25ZR24 rear rubber, made to point out the car’s new acquired stance.

The interior, received a special treatment as well, and although there aren’t any pics with the F-Pace’s cabin (just yet), Lumma says it used the finest leather and Alcantara – available in a wide choice of colors – made to contrast with trim inserts created from high-tech aluminum.

The Lumma Jaguar F-Pace tuning program will be available for purchase during the third quarter of 2016


  • europeon

    An article about a tuning company flaunting some renders of a horrible body kit and impressive engine gains for a car that’s not even out yet? Cool.


  • anonym

    Impressive? You mean irritating?

  • donald seymour

    HEY JOHN! I just want to say thank you for your dedication and hard work. It has been duly noted. But of course me being a car guy, I would searched the web for the Geneva show and to my surprise (I shouldn’t be) you, Carscoop, had the most superior coverage of the car show in my opinion. You guys did a great job. I even noticed that you have been making improvements in your articles department. However, there is still some room for more improvements.

    So, I do for one, see your hard work and do not scuff at it. Good Job,
    from Carguy123.

    • europeon

      You’re not the only one who notices the great job, it’s just that we got spoiled with it in the past with the awesome job John was doing, and now the parts that have “room for improvement” just stick out.

      • JohnCarscoop

        Europeon – Donald; you’re both welcome and it really means a lot to us that long-time readers such as yourselves are taking note. There will be more improvements on multiple levels over the coming months, just wait and see 🙂

  • Tumbi Mtika

    I am pissed off.

  • nauticalone

    That’s horrendous!

  • nauticalone

    Gotta say it again…horrible!

  • Bob White

    Put the 5.0 in it.

  • john1168

    I’m not crazy about the looks… To me the F Pace as it is looks about perfect. But the 99hp increase is SWWEEEEEET!!! I’m guessing a different supercharger pulley, an ecu tune and the new exhaust system.