Dodge Challenger T-Bones A Kia On Russian Dashcam [w/Video]

The latest dashcam saga from Russia brings us a Dodge Challenger with a quick blast that was interrupted very suddenly by an errant Kia Cerato.

As we can see from the pictures, the Challenger appears repairable, despite the loud bang heard in the video. It’s doubtful the same could be said of the Kia. The video’s accompanying text in Russian, suggests the Kia was found to be at fault.

Both front and rear dashcam appear to have been in play, combining with the intersection cameras to give a pretty thorough look at what happened.

What a shame, I guess Mother Russia isn’t the friendliest place to American Muscle cars after all.  You can watch the cringeworthy moment in all its glory below.

By Mitchell Jones

Photos courtesy of Yan Vaschev

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  • Grumpy

    Not really a T-bone. Russia isn’t the best place for cars in general. Dashcams should come with the car off the lot.

  • Jay

    Stop watching after :33. and as Grumpy said, definitely not a t-bone.