Cammer Brakes To Avoid Red-Light Runner, Promptly Gets Rear-Ended

Even so, the one who’ll foot the bill for the repair will probably be the driver of the car behind the cammer.

Semi Smashes Into Stationary Vehicle, Causes Multi-Car Crash

The driver of the semi reportedly didn’t want to take responsibility for the accident at first.

Semi Smashes Vehicles Ahead Like Bowling Pins, Court Rules It Wasn’t Its Driver’s Fault

While the traffic ahead was stopped, a red SUV swerved into the truck’s path, triggering the incident.

Chevrolet Equinox Mysteriously Drives Itself Into New Jersey Traffic

It’s fortunate this runaway Chevrolet Equinox didn’t cause a huge crash.

SUV Gets Hit By Scion xD, Flips Over Twice, Lands On Its Roof

Fortunately, despite the severity of the accident, the driver escaped without any serious injuries.

Mountain Biker Jumps Right In Front Of Moving Car, The Inevitable Happens

This thrill seeker perhaps thought he’d jump between the cars, although his execution left a lot to be desired .

Toyota Sienna Runs Red Light In Front Of Police SUV – You Can Guess The Rest

One should never, ever run a red light no matter what; good thing a citation was the only harm done in that occasion…

Audi A1 Driver Behaves Erratically, Hits Semi Before Ruining Cammer’s Day

The driver of the Audi was inexplicably drifting right towards the semi prior to the impact.

Tesla Model 3 Driver Blames Emergency Braking For Hitting Construction Zone Cones

Safety systems are there to assist the driver, not absolve him of any responsibility – but someone didn’t get the message…

Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder Gets Smacked By Volvo SUV

The driver of the Lamborghini was clearly in the wrong in attempting to turn left at that intersection.

Commuter On Death Wish Rides Electric Scooter On Texas Highway!

We’ve seen some pretty stupid things captured on cam, but this one probably ranks among the most unreasonable ever.

Alleged Drunk Driver Slams Head-On Into Police Car In Ohio

Any accident in which you’re to blame is to be avoided at all costs; this goes double for hitting a police cruiser.