Woman And Child Lucky To Be Alive In Horrifying Semi Crash

The out of control semi took out three cars, while the woman holding the child ran away in the nick of time.

Massive Accident Involving Multiple Vehicles Is Scary To Watch

A driver lost control and caused a multiple vehicle collision in Votkinsk, Russia.

Elderly Driver Hits Truck, Then Confuses Accelerator With The Brake

The woman accelerated up the street in reverse and eventually hit a telephone pole.

Volvo XC60 Driver Thinks He’s Playing GTA, Weaves And Crashes

Talk about being in a hurry to get nowhere – the person driving this Volvo SUV wasn’t getting past this intersection anyway.

Out Of Control Car Clips Audi A7 And Smashes Into Cammer

Although the road was wet, sparks from the rear left side of the Skoda might indicate a mechanical failure.

Karma Is Served Instantly To This Impatient Mazda MX-5 Driver

The driver of the MX-5 was stuck behind a learner and when he saw an opening, he took it, unfortunately.

Armed Suspects Trying To Flee Start Shooting At Private Security Chasing Them

The action took place in South Africa, where CPS security eventually arrested four suspects in a white Toyota sedan.

Traffic Cheater Meets His Match In Russia, Is Forced Back In Line

This may not be the best way to make cheaters think twice before cutting in line but it sure was effective.

Head-On Collision With Car Causes Semi Truck To Burst Into Flames

A runaway wheel caused a sedan to collide with a semi truck in Russia, resulting in the latter catching fire.

Cadillac Escalade With Busted Wheel Careens Down Embankment, Misses Stopped Cars

Thankfully the driver was uninjured and no other vehicles were impacted by the out-of-control Caddy.

Mercedes S-Class Overtaking On Shoulder To Avoid Traffic Jam Gets Served Instant Karma

The impatient driver who bypassed everyone else was stopped by the Harris County sheriff.

Police Chase Ends With PIT Maneuver That Makes Stolen SUV Flip

The incident took place in Atlanta, and the woman driving the SUV had to be hospitalized .