Trucker Masterfully Steers Clear Of Three-Car Collision In Australia

The impact was so fierce, the engine of the silver sedan detached and flew over the barrier.

Florida: Go Home BMW X5, You’re Drunk

Some things just can’t be explained, such as why this BMW X5 in Florida went into a massive slide.

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t: Semi Plows Into Squad Car

The officer behind the wheel was trapped inside the Ford Explorer, but did not sustain any injuries.

Tesla Model 3’s Autopilot Saves The Day Avoiding Crash With Swerving Toyota

Autopilot’s remarkable reaction kept the Model 3 safe from the erratic driving behavior of a Toyota Corolla.

Semi Smashes Into SUV After Hitting A Pickup, Cammer Takes A Beating Too

The semi was clearly going too fast, but this accident was caused by the initial collision with the truck.

Canadian Driver Comes To A Full Stop On Highway Just To Yell At Someone!

Road rage is universal and still incredibly stupid.

Old Honda CR-V Goes Airborne After Run-In With Toyota Highlander

It would appear that the CR-V driver changed their mind at the last second about taking that exit.

Dodge Charger Races Challenger On Public Road, What Could Go Wrong?

The answer is ‘a lot’, and the video shows why street racing is always a bad idea.

Dashcam Captures Car Violently Smashing Into Stationary Truck At High Speed

The crash took place in Utah late last month and the driver of the red car was hospitalized.

Slippery Conditions Make It Hard For Kia To Avoid SUV

Legally speaking, the driver of the SUV was the one at fault.

Instant Karma For Lane-Weaving Prius Driver

The Toyota driver’s erratic behavior might have been caused by the fact that they were on the run.

Big Truck Driver Runs Vehicles Off The Road, Causes Five Hour Standoff In Mississipi

Michael Mack hit several different vehicles, including an ambulance.