Remi Gaillard's Blind Motorist Prank Gives Drivers A Major Fright

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French prankster Remi Gaillard is well known for doing all kinds of crazy things- probably most famously for his real life Mario Kart, which makes his channel one of YouTube’s most subscribed-to.

In his latest escapade, he is driving a battered old Peugeot brandishing a blind man’s cane, whilst driving erratically- scaring the merde out of surrounding motorists. He then continues his public nuisance spree by walking the wrong way up an escalator, to the chagrin of onlooking French elders. After that, it’s back to the streets before coming to an abrupt halt at the fuel station.

We've covered Remi's antics before, with Tetris,Owl vs police , and other police-trolling endeavors.

Other highlights include spooking tourists, holding up traffic and more escalator antics. The result is very funny.

Whether it will reach 70 million views like some of his others remains to be seen, but without further adieu, here is ‘BLIND MAN PRANK’.

By Mitchell Jones