Tesla Lets You Pay To Unlock 75 kWh Upgrade On Facelifted Model S 70/70D

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Aside from the visual and tech tweaks, the base version of the recently refreshed Model S has dropped the 70 kWh battery in favor of a 75 kWh one.

However, Tesla has just made the announcement. According to TheVerge, unlocking the extra juice will be made over the air, since the hardware is already in place, with a software that will give the car an extra 19 miles (31 km) of range, on top of the 234 miles (377 km) of the RWD Model S 70, to 253 miles (407 km).

On the AWD Model S 70D, the range will increase from 240 miles (386 km) to 259 miles (417 km). Unlocking the 5 kWh will set you back for $3,250 once you have purchased the entry-level 70/70D, but order it that way from the start and you will have to pay $3,000.

However, customers who bought a facelifted Model S 70/70D between April 11 and May 5 will get the extra juice free of charge. Moreover, Tesla will swap the "70" badge for a "75" one next time the car is taken in for servicing.

This isn’t the first time Tesla has offered a battery software upgrade: three years ago, the Model S 40 kWh was actually equipped with "locked" 60 kWh batteries that were limited. For the upgrade, the automaker asked $8,500.