Watch Californian Police Put A Tesla Model S Through Its Paces

This Tesla Model S was purchased used in 2014 for a touch over $61,000.

Tesla’s Lower-Than-Expected Deliveries Drop Share Prices, Make Analysts Nervous

Tesla’s first quarter results alarmed the market and investors.

Smile Tesla Thieves, You’re On Camera: Model S And Model X Get Model 3’s ‘Sentry Mode’

Tesla’s Sentry Mode aims to discourage break-ins of Tesla vehicles.

Tesla’s S3XY Family Is Complete But Are They Actually Sexy?

Deliveries of the Tesla Model Y will start next year with prices topping $70,000.

Tesla Reverses Course: Will Keep Half Of Stores Open, But Raise Prices By 3%

The $35,000 Tesla Model 3 won’t be impacted by the price increases.

Tesla Model S Plunges Into Lake, Chinese Driver Blames Unintended Acceleration

Tesla is investigating what caused this Model S to take a swim in a Shanghai river.

Tesla Model S Shooting Brake Is Something We’d Like To See Officially Happening

The Shooting Brake was made by a Dutch company, yet looks like it rolled off Tesla’s assembly line.

Bus Runs A Red Light And T-Bones Tesla Model S In Canada

The accident took place last week in Guelph, Ontario, and thankfully nobody was injured.

Tesla Will Close Many Of Its Stores And Switch To Online Sales

Tesla wants to reduce costs, so it’ll keep just a small number of shops in high-profile locations .

Tesla Driver Killed In High-Speed Crash, Battery Keeps Reigniting For More Than A Day

Tesla warns to keep your distance, as battery packs are difficult to extinguish once they catch fire.

Tesla Slams Into Infiniti After Running Red Light At 128 MPH

The Tesla Model S driver faces three counts of reckless driving.

Tesla’s Romance Mode Will Make You Hot Under The Collar

Tesla gets romantic, turns on the fireplace and puts on Marvin Gaye love songs.