Researchers Target Tesla Model 3 In Spoofing Attack, Get It To Turn Off The Highway

Navigate on Autopilot appears to be susceptible to GPS spoofing attacks.

James May Thinks The Tesla Model S P100D Is The Greatest Muscle Car Ever

The Tesla Model S P100D is quick but James May isn’t impressed by its interior.

Tesla And NIO Fires Spark Compulsory Safety Checks For All EV Makers In China

Automakers must submit their findings to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology by the end of October.

Tesla Infotainment Could Eventually Support Third-Party Apps

Tesla owners can already play a number of games through the vehicle’s infotainment system.

Tesla Model S Destroyed By Fire In Belgium While Connected To Supercharger

The Tesla Model S was put in a huge container filled with water to ensure it didn’t catch ablaze again.

Updated Tesla Model S Due In September With Model 3-Inspired Interior And 400 Mile Range

The updated Model S will likely adopt a minimalist cabin with an all-new infotainment system.

Tesla Cuts Prices Of The Model S And Model X

Tesla has reduced the Model S by $3000 and the Model X by $2000.

Recent Tesla Fires Could Hurt EV Sales, Analysts Suggest

Tesla recently issued an over-the-air update following three cases of Model S vehicles catching fire.

Crocodile Dundee Would Be Proud Of This Tesla Model S Custom Interior

The Tesla Model S features a very modern interior ambiance, this one however not so much.

Tesla Model S Catches Fire In Hong Kong Parking Lot Prompting Battery Update

Tesla has updated the charge and thermal management settings of the Model S and Model X.

Authorities Investigating Tesla Model S That Caught Fire In San Francisco Garage

Tesla says it doesn’t yet have any indication that an issue with the car started the fire.

Like A Boss: Tesla Model S Driver Ignores Deep Floodwater, Emerges Victorious

The Tesla Model S made it through the deep floodwater without any unwanted consequences — at least for now.