Land Rover Smartphone Coming Next Year

Thinking about Android smartphones and names such as Samsung, LG and HTC will inevitably pop in mind, but a new player is about to enter this field: Land Rover.

The British automaker is reportedly plotting the entry into the smartphone market with their very own device and they have already teamed up with Bullitt Group, which has previously worked with JCB and Caterpillar to create smart phones in the past, as PocketLint reports.

It’s still too early to talk about possible specs, since the first Land Rover smartphones are expected to be released in early 2017, but given the automaker’s reputation for creating rugged vehicles, we could be looking at devices that can withstand nature’s elements.

Land Rover had a previous attempt with phones in the past, such as the S1, S2 and A9, which were tough devices made by Sonim, while Jaguar recently released the F-Pace, which features a water-resistant wearable wrist band that allows the owner to leave the keys in the car and go for a swim, but still get access to the vehicles upon their  return.