Hyundai Will Use AI To Automatically Alert Authorities To Injuries After Crashes

The Israeli tech company’s tech is so advanced it can alert authorities of potential injuries in just 7 seconds.

Several States Want To Use Credit Cards At EV Stations, Security Concerns Arise

Most current electric vehicles chargers use an app or secure, contactless payment methods.

Hot Wheels’ Latest Cars Can Be Raced On- And Offline

The cars cost $6.95 and can be raced on physical tracks or in the digital world.

Hyundai And Kia Give Aurora Investment Boost To Accelerate Autonomous Tech Development

Hyundai and Kia have been working with Aurora on self-driving technologies since last year.

Byton M-Byte Electric SUV Shows Its High-Tech Cockpit In Greater Detail

The M-Byte’s party piece is the 48-inch Shared Experience Display, but there are more screens inside.

Not Content With Land, Uber Wants To Take Ride-Hailing To The Skies

Uber’s flying electric taxis will initially be human-operated, but the ultimate goal is to use autonomous planes.

2020 Toyota Models Can Automatically Shift Into Park And Shut Off The Engine

Toyota is rolling out two new safety features which are designed to help clueless drivers.

VW And BMW Invest In Europe’s Largest Lithium-Ion Battery Plant

The Northvolt gigafactory in Sweden will have up to 32 GWh of battery capacity.

Honda e Reveals Platform Secrets, Water-Cooled 35.5 kWh Battery Pack

The Honda e has already attracted 31,000 “expressions of interest” across Europe.

Electrify America And ChargePoint To Simplify EV Charging In The U.S.

The two companies will support each other’s subscribers through a single registration.

Nio Updates Its Pilot Semi-Autonomous Driving System To Level 2

Nio has also upgraded the infotainment system, adding more gesture controls and third-party content.

Uber And Volvo Unveil Production-Ready, Fully Autonomous XC90

By 2025, Volvo expects at least one-third of all its new cars to feature fully autonomous tech.