Skoda Still Eyes US Market Entry, Kodiaq SUV Could Lead The Pack

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America's love for SUVs could is something that Skoda is well aware of, and it could eventually help the Kodiaq cross the ocean.

At the moment, the brand's re-entry to the United States, after a 50-year plus absence, is something that has been previously discussed, when the automaker reportedly trademarked the Octavia, Superb and Yeti monikers, along with the vRS and H-Tec names, but it seems that the much-teased SUV is the best opportunity for Skoda to do so.

"If we do decide to compete in the US, we will have one chance to make a good first impression. We feel that if we were there now, the Kodiaq would be a home-run car", the company's chief Bernhard Maier told Autocar.

Skoda has no apparent time scale to make a final decision when it comes to its return to the United States, but besides this market, the Czech manufacturer has its eyes on South Korea, Singapore, and Iran.

Meanwhile, the brand is getting ready to pull the covers off its large SUV, the Kodiaq, this fall, during the 2016 Paris Motor Show, prior to its European launch, next year. The seven-seater will be underpinned by the VW Group's MQB platform and it will be powered by an assortment of petrol and diesel engines.