China’s Landwind X7 Copycat Crashes Into Range Rover Evoque!

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Not even the most twisted minds could have come up with this scenario; a red example of China’s infamous Landwind X7 smashed into a same colored version of the car it unashamedly copied, the British Range Rover Evoque.

Chinese media reported that the accident happened yesterday afternoon at an intersection in the city of Chongqing, with police finding the driver of the Landwind X7 at fault. While the two similar looking SUVs suffered some minor body injuries, no human was hurt in the making of this crash.

A highly convincing copy of the Range Rover Evoque, the Landwind X7 was announced in 2014 before entering production and going on sale in China last year at a fraction of the cost of the original Land Rover, with prices starting from around 120,000 yuan ($18,000) compared to 528,000 yuan ($80,000) that the British automaker commands for the Evoque.

As you’d expect, Jaguar-Land Rover (JLR) wasn’t at all happy with the Chinese automaker, but despite all their legal efforts, the British company failed to stop Landwind from offering the X7 for sale. In June, a Chinese court cancelled both JLR and Landwind’s design copyrights on their respective models, designating the Evoque's and X7's exterior design filed patents as “invalid”. Despite the setback, JLR is still continuing litigation against Landwind owner Jiangling Motors, though, legal experts say the lawsuit for copyright infringement and unfair competition is likely to be thrown out.

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